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The View’s View Is A Distorted View And Their View — But It Can’t Be ‘Christian’ View

View-ODonnellO’Donnell attacked Catholicism for a “lack of a Christian attitudes”: –

For a show called The View, the program’s hosts on Friday all have the same opinion: The Catholic Church needs to change. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg highlighted pop singer Ariana Grande’s decision to leave the church because of alleged intolerance towards her gay brother. Fellow-co-host Rosie Perez announced, “I’m a recovering Catholic.” Rosie O’Donnell explained, “I, like you, am a recovering Catholic.” – See more at: here

The View is something I never watch . . . a waste of time. to make time to tune in to lunacy.  Having said that, it is their view, to which they’re entitled.  But having a view on The View, which is correct and truthful, is another view altogether.

These are Liberal woman.  Even the pretend Conservative is not a conservative.  We found out that having an honest Conservative with relevant views, would causer Rosie O’ to become oh-so-annoyed. At least , that’s what she herself has said.

I’m not a Catholic for a reason but being a Christian, I know  more about Christianity than the folks who bash it for a living. Again, their right in a free country (Christians don’t lop heads off when “offended”), but they will always be wrong by necessity.

I dare say, dear ole Rosie’O has no idea what “lack of Christian attitudes” even means.

It’s certainly not the open or happy acceptance of sin, just to make the sinner ‘feel good’ about the sin they enjoy.  For instance, Christians don’t endorse pedophiles. Nor do we embrace the homosexual lifestyle or their raising of innocent children. We don’t say OK to the murderer, rapist or profaners, those who curse God or use His name in doing so. It’s not because we hate people or are high on being  hypocrites . . . but because we choose to follow our Lord and Savior.

We know, without a doubt, that we’re sinners deserving of hell, after our physical demise. We also have experienced the grace salvation given by Christ our Savior, which we accepted. due to the Holy Spirit. It is therefore, not something we can easily do — to say homosexuals have the “right” to marry, when Christ established that institution as being between a man and woman.  Who are we to argue with Him?

Just so, we can’t say that Rosie’O’s lifestyle is ‘acceptable’ or ‘normal’, as normal is defined.  All things are normal in a sin controlled world, but it’s not normal in righteous living.

Christians don’t just have the “right” to do their views, but the obligation to stand by them, stand up for them and thank God for them — at whatever cost might be involved.  Many have been murdered, and are being murdered, for their Christian views.  Praise God and may He continue to give us strength for supporting His views, even on The View.



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