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“Rocky Mountain Heist” Depicts The Horrific Corruption Of The Democrat Party

rocky mountain heist

A new documentary produced by Citizens United and hosted by conservative blogger Michelle Malkin says that a secretive group of wealthy left-leaning activists met behind closed doors to take over the once-red state of Colorado, all the while publicly calling for “transparency” in elections.

“What happened here in Colorado can happen in the rest of the country,” Malkin said. The film, “Rocky Mountain Heist,” debuts this weekend, including on Newsmax TV.

“The hypocrisy reeks, it smokes, it burns,” Malkin told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. “The Gang of Four,” as the film calls the group was made up of millionaires and billionaires Tim Gill, Rutt Bridges, Jared Polis and Pat Stryker.

The takeover was first noticed by unsuspecting Republicans in local and state legislative races when hundreds of thousands of dollars from unknown donors inexplicably began showing up in their Democratic opponents’ campaign chests. In the film, one such candidate describes a “whistleblower” intern turning in documents he found after cleaning up the room used for meetings between Democrats and donors.

One of their campaigns listed on a memo was calledEducate the Idiots” campaign and used the AFL-CIO in its efforts. A subheading of the “Educate the Idiots” campaign said, “Target: minorities” “This is how they talk about their own people,” Malkin said.

Citizen United has been attacked for hypocrisy in making the film, since the conservative group seeks to affect campaigns, too. Citizen United President David Bossie told Kelly he has no problem with anyone spending money on campaigns, but noted that the Group of Four hid in the shadows while demanding transparency in public. They, he said, are the hypocrites.

One of the main complaints of the movie is a change in Colorado voting laws that allow people to register to vote on the 22nd day of residency. . . .   A synopsis of the film on the movie’s website states: “Now, homeless vagrants smoke pot in public parks, war is waged on the state’s energy industry and gun ownership is under assault. Out-of-state liberals like Michael Bloomberg impose their values on Colorado voters. Barack Obama’s mission to fundamentally transform America is taking root everywhere you look.” http://rockymountainheist.com/

Anyone who doesn’t agree with the progressive agenda now being passed at the state capital are “targeted and harassed,” the site said, adding that what is called “The Colorado Model” is being replicated in other states. Newsmax.com here

This is the way Democrats have been ‘targeting’ all “red”, aka Republican held states, for some time.  Cheating, stealing elections, is the course of action.  Barack Obama’s illegally going to grant amnesty to millions of illegals, who will been expected and signed up to be ‘new Democrats voters’, thus ensuring One Party Rule for the corrupt Socialist Democrat Party.

The Democrats began by recently passing a law in Colorado that anyone can ‘print a voter ballot at home’ to vote  — shocking? Not to these greedy Democrats who will find any corrupt way to grantee they rule over a once free nation.



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