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Obama Regime’s “Truthy” Is Anything But

truthyThe federal government is spending close to $1 million of your money on an online tracking program that will supposedly search for so-called “hate speech” or “misinformation” on Twitter.

Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. brought us more details on the “Truthy” database, which intends to monitor suspicious Internet memes as well as false or misleading ideas spreading around social media. Johnson Jr. laid out the plans for the project according to the grant abstract from the National Science Foundation, which will finance the research by Indiana University

But they’ve actually come up with a whole algorithm to show how they plan to locate so-called hateful, subversive and misleading “propaganda.” here

Simply beyond belief, what Obama and his corrupt, evil regime continue to do to Americans and the Constitution.

As thinking people know, this is blatantly unconstitutional and illegal.  Free speech is guaranteed Americans, regardless if Democrats wish to call what they disprove of as “hate speech”. But being unconstitutional and illegal, has yet to stop this regime from anything it wants to do.

I hope, pray and assume, some good Conservative group will sue to stop this assault.  It’s for sure that the liberal ACLU and Democrats, will do nothing.

Democrats continue to create ‘straw men’ as they lie, to break the law and intimidate citizens. There is no ‘truth’ to be revealed or uncovered, only a horrific attempt to control free speech and thought of the people.  Neither Barack Hussein or the socialists Democrats have any shame regarding their illegal behavior. We’re at the mercy of thinking Americans to stop this assault and intrusion — I don’t have much faith in the weak, frightened Republicans to do much to this “first black president”.  Certainly, Impeachment is called for.


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