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“Human Rights Foundation” Leftist Label “Christian-Right” With Islamic Jihadist, ISIS And Boko Haram

isisA human rights foundation that lists “homophobia and transphobia” as its first concern has released a “Manifesto for Secularism” that labels the “Christian-Right” as an example of a community based on “ethnicity, religion and culture” – alongside the violent Islamic jihadist groups ISIS and Boko Haram.

The Christians have been advocating for their right to exercise their faith, including opposition to homosexual behavior and abortion, while ISIS has been slaughtering Christians and others in Iraq and Boko Haram has been slaughtering mostly Christians in North Africa.

The online posting from the U.K.’s Peter Tatchell Foundation says secularism is “vital for the defense of democracy, equality and human rights.” “We call on people everywhere to stand with us to establish an international front against the religious-Right and for secularism.”

The statement drew a terse response from Simon Calvert, spokesman for the Christian Institute.

“They’re hijacking genuine concern about murderous terrorists to slander evangelicals,” he said. “Clearly, holding traditional views about sexual ethics and having a pro-life stance is not remotely equivalent to the threat caused by groups such as those currently ravaging the Middle East and North Africa.’

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Secularism is not “vital for the defense of democracy, equality and human rights” or anything else. It is the denial/ hatred of God, godliness and people who have an appreciation or respect for God or their religious values.  there is also no “tolerance” or “open-minded” responses to anything the radical Secularist or Liberal disproves.  Through personal experience, I would say most have no interest in even learning.

There is no doubt, through the very grace of God, that America became the greatness nation the world has seen. Granted, we had the great Roman Empire and “Great” Britain, but they’ve fallen —  as America will under the tutelage of Liberalism and secularist.  Not to delve into Americans founding again, but God was directly involvement in our founding.

American has offered more individual freedom for a people than any other country.  Our Founders wrote the Constitution to ‘guarantee’ we would have no king, no authoritarian, fascist, heavy-handed government  —   IF we followed the Constitution.  Of course, our government, in particular this regime, has not.

Secularism, by definition, excludes God, or even god or gods, from all it does thereby, imposing certain doom on all they do. American could not and would not be, what it grew to be, without God and godly men.  Such was started by many of our Founders.

Those who boasted of their tolerance and acceptance, only have tolerance and acceptance for what God says is sin. That is their right in this country.  It is not their right to impose their hatred, intolerance and ungodly values on all others. And before someone screams, “But Christians  hate homosexuals and impose their values!!”, let me be restate: following and living by what God calls good, right and acceptable isn’t “hate”.  Just as calling sin, sin is not hate — except to those who are spiritually lost, unbelievers in Christ . . . and the broken, lost souls of Secularist.

Calling “ . . . on people everywhere to stand with us to establish an international front against the religious-Right and for secularism”, sounds like something coming from the anti-Christ, except for the fact that he will call himself god and demand worship.  I imagine even the proud Secularist will then will in line to worship that evil man.


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