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Geraldo Rivera And President Ebola: Both Dangerously Foolish

Geraldo Rivera isn’t a smart man, but he likes to ‘play one’ on Twitter.

riveria_idiotGeraldo, whether he ever admits it or not, is a Liberal spelled with a capital “F” for ‘f o o l’,  For only a fool would make such as asinine comment.

Texas, where I happily and proudly reside, doesn’t have thousands of cases of Presidential imported Ebola.  Currently, there are 2 cases, although I would not be surprised to have a few more.  The hospital didn’t have the best procedures, it appears — but I also believe they relived on this current CDC for “special instructions and training”, which never came.  The braggadociosness  of Obama’s CDC has been of little help, as they proclaimed that this is “hard to catch” and “will not spread”.  Yeah, right.

Secondly, Dallas itself is not over run with any disease — nor is there any “panic” or people running down the streets, screaming in fear — just to be clear.  Listening to some of the yammering heads, in particular, Dallas County Commissioner Clay Jenkins, one might think that were the case.  Jenkins, a Democrat, is currently ‘playing an expert Ebola diagnostician’ on TV. He’s not.  Just another fool who entered the resident of the first Ebola case with NO protection, to prove he was “undiscriminating” and “compassionate”. Hopefully he didn’t catch the disease, as he greeted those people and drove them around.

West Africa, however, Geraldo, has thousands of cases with no end in sight.  Common sense, which is something the majority of Liberals lack, and scorn, tells a sensible person and any caring government, to STOP importing people from a country ravaged with a deadly disease. To allow people to continue traveling to America from these countries, is dangerously foolish.  Just as Duncan, who lied to get here, brought the disease to America, do we think he’s the only person who has lied or will lie, to come to here?  What about our open borders, which allows the sick, as well as terrorists, to come with little resistance. Close that, perhaps?

All of these disaster are the direct fault and responsibility of President Ebola Obama. He and the Democrats, as predicted, blame Republicans. Anyone-be-me Syndrome maybe not be exclusive to Liberals, but it’s certainly a relative.

I’m sick of stupid.  There’s no excuse to willfully hide your head underground and deny the facts of any situation. Obama is a presidential failure who’s been an unmitigated disaster for America.  Geraldo Rivera is and has always been a fool. Isn’t there a special small country we can send these people where their policies and ideas, won’t contaminate the rest of the civilized thinking world?

Perhaps . . . . . . . . . . ??

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