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Woman Writes Chilling Open Letter to the Baby She Plans On Aborting

The letter reads:

abortion letter

Little Thing:

I can feel you in there. I’ve got twice the appetite and half the energy. It breaks my heart that I don’t feel the enchantment that I’m supposed to feel. I am both sorry and not sorry.

I am sorry that this is goodbye. I’m sad that I’ll never get to meet you. You could have your father’s eyes and my nose and we could make our own traditions, be a family. But, Little Thing, we will meet again. I promise that the next time I see that little blue plus, the next time you are in the same reality as me, I will be ready for you.

Little Thing, I want you to be happy. More than I want good things for myself, I want the best things for the future. That’s why I can’t be your mother right now. I am still growing myself. It wouldn’t be fair to bring a new life into a world where I am still haunted by ghosts of the life I’ve lived. I want you to have all the things I didn’t have when I was a child. I want you to be better than I ever was and more magnificent than I ever could be.

I can’t do to you what was done to me: Plant a seed made of love and spontaneity into a garden, and hope that it will grow on only dreams. Love and spontaneity are beautiful, but they have little merit. And while I have plenty of dreams to go around, dreams are not an effective enough tool for you to build a better tomorrow. I can’t bring you here. Not like this.

I love you, Little Thing, and I wish the circumstances were different. I promise I will see you again, and next time, you can call me Mom.


Breathtaking and ghastly

We’re raising children to believe abortion is acceptable.  It’s just a few cells.  Inconvenient, unwanted and usually hated for being there. Something to be thrown away, or if given birth to, tossed in a toilet.

Life has become meaningless to many because there is no God or godliness in their lives.  I suppose this female made herself feel better, by writing a letter she supposed was full of compassion.  It is not.  It just gave her some sort of  personal ‘dispensation’ for writing a letter to the baby she was going to kill.  After all, she wasn’t ready to be a mother.

Do these females ever consider the fact that when they engage in sexual activity they are agreeing to pregnancy? Or is it simply an activity to have fun or get the boyfriend . . . or keep a boyfriend, which is doesn’t.

This isn’t unexpected.  It was foreknown when the Supreme Court made a ridiculous decision that the Constitution gave women the ‘right to privacy’ (which doesn’t exist) and therefore, it was OK to kill the most innocent unborn baby.

Loss of respect for human life is the results.  We’re reaping what we’ve sown.


4 comments on “Woman Writes Chilling Open Letter to the Baby She Plans On Aborting

  1. Kappaloca
    October 14, 2014

    This is one of the saddest and most selfish things I have seen in a long time.


  2. Paul H. Lemmen
    October 14, 2014

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  3. Rebecca
    October 14, 2014

    If only she knew the turmoil she will live with. So sad where we live in a culture where we can pen a public love letter to someone we are about to murder……Come, Jesus! Thanks for sharing. ~Blessings~

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