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“Queer” Is Now Cool At Least For The Queer Guy

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force announced today that it is changing its name and “upping its game to deliver full LGBTQ freedom, justice and equality.” The new name, the National LGBTQ Task Force, “adds bisexual, transgender and queer to lesbian and gay in the form of LGBTQ.”

According to the Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFFLG) website, “queer” “could include the person who highly values queer theory concepts and would rather not identify with any particular label, the gender fluid bisexual, the gender fluid heterosexual, the questioning LGBT person, and the person who just doesn’t feel like they quite fit in to societal norms and wants to bond with a community over that.”

It is a fluid label as opposed to a solid label, one that only requires us to acknowledge that we’re different without specifying how or in what context. It is also a concise word that people may use if they do not feel like shifting their language along with their ever-evolving gender, politics and/or sexuality.“.here

“Fluid label”?  “Shifting language”?? So we’ve been burdened with a non-shifting language and ‘solid labels’ up until now? As I’ve said before, Liberalism is a mental disease.

I refuse to use the phony term “straight” because the accurate term is — normal, like it or not; be offended or not.  Gay means happy, cheerful.  I wonder how many think the world might be better off without creating new meanings for normal. everyday words?

I don’t even want to know what “queer theory concepts” are.  More than likely, more double-speak insanity from those who have refused all mental health support. I implore them to reconsider.

handbkWe’re all born male or female and quite clearly, this is not a ‘choice’ we contemplate and mull over before deciding we really want to be something else. These people aren’t choosing between hash-browns or french fries, but in some cases, drastically and horrifically destroying their bodies. But the facts remain unchanged…. male or female is decided before birth.  I can say that without qualifications since that decision isn’t made by me, them or anyone else, other than the Creator God Himself, which we’re all free to believe or reject.  Personal rejection doesn’t mean God doesn’t’ exists, just as it doesn’t change the fact that gravity exist.

For many decades we’ve been told by the (intolerant) Left loving Liberal that “queer”, like the “negro” or other “n word” was forbidden.  ‘Curses upon you for using them!!!’, as the Liberals called others “intolerant” and “bigoted”.  But where is their tolerance for others speech or thought? Nonexistent.

Negro or the “other n word”, were forbidden by white people to use —  but not for black people to use.  Isn’t that ‘discrimination’ according to the Liberal definition? I’ve heard black woman proudly say those words were “terms of endearment” or excuse them as just being lyrics in a music.  So being cautious, I must assume their rule for ‘Queer’s would also apply?  Normal people won’t be allowed to say “queer”, which would be the “right” reserved only for the homosexual?  This does get confusing and might require an ‘Official Liberal Handbook Of Acceptable Terms And Who Can Use Them’.

Living in America is becoming all too confusing. Common sense has long been abandoned in favor of law suites. Words and terms like Constitution, patriotic and God bless America are not just ‘out of style’ but outright banned and referred to as “hate speech” by Leftist loving fascists.  I like the olden days when a dog was a dog, gay was happy and God bless America was just that.  An appreciation for the God of our creation and a prayerful request for his blessing on a struggling nation.

As for ‘queer’, this whole thing is queer, odd, peculiar and downright offensive.  But I’m a grownup and wear big-girl pants.  I take being ‘offended’ without suing and screaming “BIGOT!!” I’ll just wait for the next “radical” “extremest” Liberal fascist to redetermine another  a word  or term, which we’ll have to decipher. . . .  all to appease the unappeasable.




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