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Thomas Eric Duncan Who Fled To Dallas Texas — Dies From Ebola

ebolaIt just came across the news here that the man, who brought Ebola to Texas, died from the disease.  It’s a shame, but knowing how hard truth can be to hear — I have no doubt he knew he was contaminated and came to the U.S. for treatment, unconcerned for anyone around him.

His girlfriend and ‘her kids’ have been exposed to this deadly disease as well as hospital workers and the EMS crew.

Also at risk out of pure stupidity, is Dallas County Commission Clay Jenkins, who went into the apartment without any protection, to make the people living there, “feel good”.

I hope this will end the Ebola here.  I’m not very confident nor do I live in any fear.  Ultimately, God is in control and not Obama and his failures-by-design, the CDC or any incompetent politician or “healthcare worker”.  I still believe, had Obama not rescinded the Bush plan to halt entrance into America by foreigners exposed to a deadly disease, this would not have happened.



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