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Democrat Cries Foul And Defends The “Religion Of Peace” Calling Contrary Thought “Racist”

Marc_lamont_HillLeft-wing academic Marc Lamont Hill blasted atheists Bill Maher and Sam Harris on Monday’s CNN Tonight for their blunt views about the Islamic faith: “When he [actor Sam Harris] says that Islam is the mother lode of bad ideas, that is horrific; it is offensive; and, as Ben [Affleck] said…quite frankly, it’s racist.” Hill contended that “Islam is not uniquely violent or primarily violent or any more prone to violence than any other religion.”

Anchor Don Lemon, who recently strongly hinted that Islam was more violent than other religions, pointed out that Maher and Harris were also “arguing about whether liberals have failed when discussing…the treatment of women; the treatment of gays…in the Muslim…world,”: – See more at: here

How can calling a religion “the mother lode of bad ideas” be “racist”?  It’s a false religion, not a person.  But Marc Lamont Hill is a Democrat after all, and Democrats redefine words, rewrite history and belittle all of which they discover.  That of course includes ‘truth’ and ‘fact’.

Marc Hill has been a Leftist ‘bomb thrower’ forever.  It got to the point, when he appeared on FNC, I had to turn him off.  Lies and willful ignorance are not edifying and lead to “low information voter” syndrome. Very contagious, as stupidity can be. But in any case, this radial man defends Islam, when I’ve heard him boldly criticize Christians, Christians values and principles. Being educated, I’m sure he can spell ‘hypocrite’.

Liberals constantly bash Conservatives, their principles and values, their belief in God, they ideas of right and wrong and their support for the unborn life.  I’ve yet to hear a dedicate, devout Liberal defend their “rights” to their ‘religious views’ . . . but islam?  Oh yes, they have all the rights.  If not, they might behead you.

Islam, on the other hand, treats women with less respects than they show for their camels.  They stone women to death at the drop of a burka and cut off body parts for theft . . . or just for whatever.  Many want to enforce sharia law and force, even free Americans, to recognize the god they support, allah.

I don’t expect Hill to repent from his bias. But he should think about not so brazenly appearing to be the absolute fool, that he is.



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