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Why Can’t Americans Be “Proud Of Their Heritage” Too?

english onlyI recently heard a discussion about an Elementary school in Texas that had a graduation ceremony in Spanish.  Of course, that’s as ridiculous as having one in Russian, German, Farsi or any other foreign language. Naturally, this is all do to “political correctness”.

This is America and English is our language.  Learn it . . . or be left behind.  Anyone who expects to achieve more than a career in lawn care, house cleaning or roofing. must speak and read English.  They should learn Math, American History and Civics in particular.  Learn as much about the country you live in as possible, to become a part of that country.  Or be a failure. . . . unless you choose to go back to whatever county with which you associate your “heritage”. 

The woman in the conversation said, in order not to appear “racist” (moan), that she understood they (the ‘hispanics’) were “proud of their heritage”.  Well guess what — I’m PROUD of MY heritage too!  It’s American though and through and I speak only English, by choice!

And yet, it’s always the warped mind drenched in the bigotry and ‘hate America first’, Liberalism, that tells American citizens, that we have to understand and accept that Mexicans are “proud of their heritage”.  What they should be proud of — is being in American. I won’t delve into the socialist, poverty riddle history of Mexico and South America.  I believe the obvious should be obvious.  There is no comparing of Mexico and beyond, to the greatest nation established or to what is afforded those of us in the “land of the free and home of the brave”, the United States of America.

american proudI’m also sick of hearing blithering Liberals bend over backasswards to appease foreigners.  And let’s be clear, if you speak a foreign language, you are  making yourself a foreigner.  I’m also extremely sick of hearing these bigots throw America and it’s citizen under the proverbial bus. Americans have been bullied into accepting the unacceptable — which is giving up our rights to love our heritage, love our country and love our language, just to make a foreigner feel welcome.  It is the English-speaking American, who should feel welcome in their own country.

No one entering an America school should hear anything but English.  It’s been proved the best way to learn any language.  It’s bad enough, that American taxpayers must pay the bill for illegals to have medical, schooling, and food — so please the heck, learn the language or go home.

Equally it’s just as important that no one should receive a Drivers License or the ability to VOTE, if not fluent in English. Citizen or not, English must be required to respect this nations ‘heritage’.  If that’s all good enough for Mexico or any other foreign counties, it should be good enough for America.

Americans need to speak out more by calling local and State officials.  If we continue to kowtow to the Liberal ideology of accepting foreigners as a ‘special group’ not to offended, we as the citizen, will find ourselves outcast in what used to be, our country.




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