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“I’m Not African American. I Am American” . . . Oh, The Hate Speech!

Raven-SymonéI’d never heard of Raven-Symoné  before, but I might become a fan.  She’s an “actress, singer, comedian, dancer, television producer and model”.  She is also wise beyond her years, possibly do to good parental upbringing.

While appearing on OWN with “the Oprah”, she said she didn’t like labels and wouldn’t label herself.  This went so far as declining to refer to herself as “African-American”.  I became her fan. But poor ole Oprah was aghast, to say the least.

This false term, “African-American” was created by Liberalism to make and create a ‘label’ to make “black Americans” feel more acceptable — to themselves.  My first question would be, why? Skin tone is only skin deep and none of us had a thing to do with achieving it.  We do have a responsible to have a good mental attitude about who we are and the gifts we’re given, but skin tone?

Charlize Theron, the actress, is an honest to goodness “African-American”.   She is clearly not of the “black” skin tone, being a white person all her life.  She’s African-American because she was born in South Africa and has since become a legal, American citizen.  Never, ever have I heard anyone refer to her as African-American, nor has she herself.  I suppose, as she’s stated, is happy to be called, American.

This is the reason the phony African-American term does not belong to any “black Americans” born in America.  They are simply — Americans.

We never hear the terms: African-Great Britain’s or African-Germany’s, do we? That would be because it would be stupid and possibly they’re smarter than the Elitist Class over here. My ethic heritage is traced back to Ireland — never would I refer to myself as Irish-American, since being an American is all that matters, in more ways than one.



“Black Americans” should get over this pseudo, preconceived idea that they have any close connection to Africa.  They don’t any more than I have to Ireland. There is nothing particular special about Africa, the “dark continent”, called that not because of inhabitants (yes, I’ve heard that touted and called “racist”), but because little was known about the during exploration. And in a sense it still is a ‘dark continent, as life there can be very much as it was a thousand years ago — huts and daily survival.  Poor people living under tyrannical governments headed by dictators and Islamo fascist. I believe is this primarily due to the lack of God and godliness, still covering Africa. Freedom isn’t free and Africans should know that quite well.

Believing oneself to be African-American, or German-American and Brooklyn-American, is just more phony ‘political correctness’, without involving a shred of reality.  And it is very divisive. . . .  the reason is was born of Liberalism.  Being born in American, is a privilege not afforded but the few. Raven-Symoné seems to understand that.  Most Americans seem to understand that.  It’s a shame that all do not.

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