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Why You Can Never Trust The Stupidity Of A ‘Politically Correct’ Democrat

clay jenkins idiot democratDallas County Judge Clay Jenkins bragged to reporters about wearing the same shirt to the press conference he wore while he was, just thirty minutes earlier, driving the family exposed to the Ebola virus to their new secret luxury four-bedroom home.

…. he was in the apartment that had been exposed to the Ebola virus and while he was driving the family who had slept for days on the same mattresses the Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, had been sleeping. ….. Jenkins then very proudly stated he was going home to his wife and nine-year-old daughter.

Jenkins said he was in the closest proximity to the family while driving them to their new luxury four-bedroom home. He them flatly stated there was “zero risk” of exposure “if they are not symptomatic.” The family presumably had direct contact with Duncan after he became symptomatic and clearly someone in the apartment handled the sheets and towels he used while he was ill. The family is in the first week of a twenty-one day incubation-observation period where they could possibly become symptomatic at any moment in time.

On Friday, while hazmat experts were working inside the apartment wearing Tyvek bio-hazard suits, Jenkins again was seen going in and out of the apartment while not even wearing a mask or gloves. here

I live in the Dallas area.  This is not the first bone-headed, stupid stunt or idiot verbiage, that this proud Democrat has exposed to Dallas County.  But it certainly goes a long way in examining why no one can trust Democrats.  They’re eaten up with something as lethal and dangerous as Ebola — Political Correctness.

There is no guarantee that Duncan’s girlfriend and kids will not have Ebola.  They lived in the same small apartment with him for many, many days.  But Judge Jenkins ‘the invincible’, feels safe from catching anything . . . or giving a deadly disease to his own 9-year-old daughter. Does he realized that there have been at least two American, who caught Ebola in Africa . . . who supposedly had NO contact with the infected.

This political-correctness-stupidity might spread this Obama Imported Disease to Jenkin’s family.  The same family he also bragged would like to go the home of these quarantined people for a visit. Meanwhile, these people are being and monitored, while Jenkins drags his behind into the house of these exposed people, with no HazMat gear?  Astounding.  A complete lack of ‘common sense’, which is never apparent or common in Democrats.

It’s a bit amazing that this immigrant family (not sure of their legality, since the apartment complex is well-known to house many illegals) knew full well that Duncan was coming from an infected area of Africa, Liberia.  Yet, they housed this man, exposing themselves, those kids, to a deadly disease . . . . and are rewarded by having free rent in a four bedroom home. I can’t help but wonder if Duncan himself, will be rewarded for lying and sneaking into America with Ebola, which he most likely knew he had contracted.  He sure knew he had been exposed, as he carried a dying Ebola woman home.

County Clay Jenkins was the first to reach out to the Obama regime to request thousands of ‘illegal aliens kids’ be brought to Dallas Country and shuffled about.  After all hell broke loose, he backed off and no illegals were knowingly brought here.  As for this Ebola, which could have been stopped by a correct quarantining of Africa. Now it’s here, thanks directly to Barack Hussein Obama and the fools proudly calling themselves politically correct Democrats.

This is a public health crisis, yet I’ve seen more hysteria and concern over the yearly flu virus and in particular Swine Flu!  And yet with the deadliness of Ebola in our midst, we’re told to yawn and have compassion, disguised as stupidity, embrace the infected, so they don’t ‘feel bad’.


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    October 6, 2014

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    It’s a bit amazing that this immigrant family (not sure of their legality, since the apartment complex is well-known to house many illegals) knew full well that Duncan was coming from an infected area of Africa, Liberia.


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