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FBI Director: American Traitors Are “Entitled To Come Back” To America

comey“FBI Director James Comey told CBS’s “60 Minutes” that “a dozen or so” Americans are fighting with terrorists in Syria; “yes,” he knows who they are; and they are “entitled to come back” unless their passport is revoked; and if they do come back, they will be tracked.  Asked if he know who “each and every one” of the Americans are, Comey said, “of that dozen or so, I do.”

Comey said he expects some of these Americans to return to the United States: “Ultimately, an American citizen, unless their passport’s revoked, is entitled to come back. So, someone who’s fought with ISIL, with an American passport wants to come back, we will track them very carefully.” here

And Americans stay awake at night, wondering what the ***** is our government doing?  Protection of citizens, which is our governments main responsiblity, seem to have fallen through that political correct crack.

Any American citizen, Green Card hold or interloper has no right to expect to retain their citizenship when they join a group sworn to kill Americans.  We’re officially involved in the “obama war”,against ISIS, or ISIL, or whatever Barack Hussein wants to call them this week.  Joining al Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, the muslim Brotherhood or any of the other offshoots, should be shot on sight.  How can our government be so inanely stupid? These people are traitors and relinquish any right to citizenship, etc.

Once again, the answer is simple:  they’re Liberals.  And Liberals have no capacity to grasp ‘common sense’, much less, what is best for citizens.

Democrats aren’t competent to hold any office. I worry enough about the weak-kneed Republicans we currently have serving, without serving their constituents at all!  But a Democrat is a death sentence of our safety and sovereignty.  This sort of stupidity coming from an organization, which was warned about the Boston bombers . . . . and did little to nothing to stop them. Liberals in the Obama regime, looked the other way and kept prompting Nidal Hasan, American terrorist, who committed a mass murder, terrorist attack at Ft. Hood. Au contraire. . . “work place violence”.

We have to rid our government of Liberal Democrats. Incompetence is the least we have to fear. Under their “leadership”, or leadership-from-behind, the county has been downgraded not once but twice.  We’ve had several “terrorist attacks’, which are denied by these Democrats and compliment Democrat media outlets.  Obama continues to import illegal aliens and the diseases they bring, along with Ebola because Obama refused to implement policy to disallowing travel to and from these diseased countries.

We’re not safe.  We’re no longer a sovereign nation. We’re being held captive by political correct, hoard of Socialist.


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