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Are We Now Offically “Subjects” Of The Government?

America in distressWe can look back throughout the years, and make critical judgements of political decisions and their effect on our nation.   Republicans certainly don’t have a stellar record and many are thoroughly disappointing, but clear think and analysis will also show that Democrats  have been ‘running the government’, bad things inevitably.  Not all those Democrats were bad people, but people with bad ideas.

Roosevelt’s bloated ‘big government’  “new deal” policy was completely grounded in Socialism.  It was most likely the nail in our inevitable coffin.  FDR was much more tyrannical than most current textbooks would ever now repeat.  He’s portrayed as a glowing, war hero (and credit is deserved in many instances) but his policies for ‘transformation’ of America, were also unconstitutional. . . just as Obama’s are.

jimmy carter war on gasolineCater was a political disaster with his weak foreign polices.  Polices which shuffled the U.S. down the road to war with “radical” islam.  Like most radical Liberals, Carter’s domestic polices made life, and gas prices, very hard on Americans.

Clinton was and always will be a ‘dirty old man’, chasing shirts, enjoy his cigars aclinton liarnd traveling the world at taxpayers expense, while he bombed aspirin factories.  The only reason he didn’t do more damage to the country, as Obama has done, was due to a Republican controlled Congress and strong Speaker of the House, who held him in check thereby, controlling more of his socialist tendencies. They also got the country behind them to give a definite NO to “hillarycare”.

But this current regime, and there is no other fitting term than regime, has ensured American’s decline.  We’ve morphed into a warp-speech decline, as the Republic spirals out of control.

Obama and the compliment Democrats, trampled the Constitution in front of our faces, with way too little resistance from weak Republicans.  The less than Supreme Court concurred and allowed the unconstitutional ‘obamacare’ to stand.  We’ve seen Eric “the bias” Holder do much the same as he sued and punished States, individuals and groups for anything he (Obama) didn’t approve — that includes, but isn’t exclusive, to protecting Americans from the illegal alien invasion and the rights of legal protesters.  The IRS, NSA and VA have committed crimes against citizens, with no repercussion.

Now Barack Hussein is finding ways to legalized thousands of illegals aliens kids. . . .  and his plan includes allowed these ‘new’ legal aliens to bring all their relatives to America too.  Possibly thousands of more illegals/ foreigners brought here, by Obama and the Democrats, where they’ll live off our taxes, Welfare, Food Stamps and become — new Democrat voters. Thus this evil regime has changed the face and very fabric of American forever, as we continue to lose our culture and our values.

Iobama tyrannyt was the responsibly of Republicans or Conservatives in Congress to stop this man the first time he committed an illegal or unconstitutional act.  They did not.  No one would expect the corrupt Democrat Sen. Harry Reid to put American  first, over the will of the Democrat’s assault against Citizen; but attempts should have been made and public pleas to citizens.  We heard too much silence.  Way too little to nothing was done.  That credit goes to John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, both weak sisters who should have been replaced.

America is where she’s never been before.  A hole so deep, so full of big government tyranny, illegal rules and laws and top down assault on citizens and our Constitutional rights, that only a miracle can save her.

Democrats are pleased with their attack.  Seeing one Party rule, for the rest of their useless, evil lives, is what they’ve been working for.  Either join their tyranny — or be vanquished.  And I see few Republicans willing to take on the immense task of stopping these evil tyrants.  Maybe someone will show up – Ted Cruz perhaps, but there aren’t many.  And with the sickness of Liberalism running rampant, how many Americans are smart enough to get on that Train To Save America?



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