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A Big “Boost” For Former Political Boob, Hillary Clinton And Her Boob Seeking Husband?

Hillary and the Molester

Hillary and the Molester

“America’s royal baby’: How Chelsea’s first child could give Hillary Clinton a boost in the polls if she runs for president in 2016”

Mr Sorkin went on to say the arrival of the youngest member of the Clinton family could change the dynamic of the election campaign, and would be a closely watched story.  ‘I think it’s different because the country is invested in this family … ‘It just adds this whole element of compassion.’  Read more: here

Another story: “For Hillary Clinton, having her own baby grandchild to kiss on the campaign trail, could be one of the biggest boosts to her possible presidential election campaign.”.

A big “boost” for this former White House resident? No doubt Billy, the female predator, wants back in the ‘oral office’ to play his ‘games’, and Queen Hillary must still have nightmares over the office being stolen from her in ’08, by some neophyte upstart.  Oh the horrors. But having a grandchild has nothing to do with abilities.

I have to give all these whoopty doo’s and rankering hubbub about a Clinton baby, a yawn and sigh of disgust.  Disgusted not about a baby, but the facts.

A child or grandchild should have and would have nothing to do with a man running for office. Nor should it.  It should therefore, having nothing to do when some woman runs for office.  A grandchild does not give Hillary credibility for any office. . .  Hillary would likely kill (and who knows with the Clinton reputation, might have) to be Queen for Four Years, should she live that long. And after all, we mustn’t forget the Democrats are the Party of Death as they worship their sacrament of abortion . . so why would they dolt over a baby?  Any baby? But this child will give no integrity or validity to this horrid Leftist woman, who isn’t competent enough to be President….. or dog catcher.  Put her in Burger King where she can’t hurt anyone with her broken-Barack ideologies.

But the Leftist loving, drooling media will love to find anything to give the aging, former Enabler, a “boost” of any sort.

Remarkably, I still remember what this same Liberal biased media said about Gov. Sarah Palin, who was a mom and soon to be grand-mom:  She was stupid, she was incompetent, had no experience, her baby was “retarded” and she should have “aborted that child”.  Her daughter was a “slut”,

Queen Hillary 'what difference does it make' Clinton the Incompetent

Queen Hillary ‘what difference does it make’ Clinton the Incompetent

screwing a baseball team and having a “bastard”.  That, my friends, is the intolerant, hypocritical Leftist media and the MSNBC pundits, who are swooning over a Clinton heir, desperate to keep a Democrat as President.   here

Let them swoon over the kid — any thinking person will realize that does zero-nada to help this horribly flawed woman and her failed policies. We can’t forget the deaths of Benghazi and the coverup she orchestrated.  here

Hillary didn’t answer that “3:00 am” phone call, regardless of how the new TV show, ‘Madam Secretary’, wants you to believe.  She didn’t even answer the phone when asked several times for “increased security”.  Hillary made the decision not to send more “security” . . . . it didn’t fit with the regime’s dogma that “al Qaeda was on the run”.  Evidently, ‘on the run’ to Benghazi to murder Americans. It was her responsibility, as with Barack Hussein, to see that didn’t happen.

She accomplished nothing earnest as Senator, having  moved to New York knowing the Democrat state voters would be stupid enough to elect her.  They were. We don’t want to make that mistake ever again.


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  1. Lorra B.
    September 30, 2014

    Reblogged this on SilentSoldier.


  2. Lorra B.
    September 30, 2014

    Amazingly, she is leading in the polls at 52%—last time I looked anyway…. UGH…


    • RightyPunditry
      September 30, 2014

      yeah, well, Democrats… the original “info voter”. She’s Obama in a pant suite. lol


      • Lorra B.
        September 30, 2014

        You know that’s right, though I think she may wear a bigger pare to hold the size of her ba$$s….


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