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Ana Marie Cox Of GQ Compares Christians To “Religious Extremism”

Useful idiot Ana-Marie Cox

Useful idiot Ana-Marie Cox

ANA MARIE COX, GQ: So you said a little while ago about the Syria situation that Americans are in and the incompetence and lack of accountability but Americans are souring on our form of government? Well, the Value Voters conference has another idea about what our form of government should be. It looks a little bit like what the Islamicists want.

They are really calling for right, the explicit input of religion into American politics. Tony Perkins gave an interview where he talked about a recent Pew poll that Americans wanted to have more religious involvement in our national politics. He took this as a wonderful sign, that we should have churches endorsing candidates and involved in, you know, in democracy. That is not a bad thing necessarily but you know, what Rand [Paul] is doing and the kind of stuff that Ted Cruz talked about. I mean, it’s a dangerous move to think that the American people are actually going to be okay with that particular mapping of, a form of religious extremism on to politics.
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What a sad, pathetic state the State is in, when the bimbo’s and bimbetts are incapable of distinguishing between “radical” “Islamic” “extremest” who butcher and behead Americas. . . . . and a Christian going to church on Sunday and celebrating Easter.  This ‘bim’ would have no qualms in pointing her bony finger at a Quaker and squawking ‘extremest’, while stifling criticize of “peaceful Mullins”.  Has anyone considered that if you’re “peaceful” at anything, that there’s no need to broadcast it?

These are the people, the Democrats and Liberals of America, who endanger Americans and her values, as much as Islamic terrorist and all of their hate riddled insanity of barbaric proportions.  The un-peacful Liberal who condemns all they secretly hate and then boast about their intelligence and discernment where none exists.  They tout how ‘inclusive’ and ‘tolerant’ they, while they demand government controls of Conservative speech.

in god we trustI do have pity and compassion for the ‘enemies of God’ who walk the earth with the wrong idea of ‘good and evil’.  They’re blinded by the evil they accept and goodness they reject.  And they will only have this life to seek and find the truth regarding God — who He is and who he is not.

But the ignorance of our Bill of Rights and Constitution is not forgivable when these Liberals propagated what they don’t know, as fact.  Our Founders, those horrid “old white men” she most likely hates, made it abundantly clear that God was to be included in our Government.  If and when, we cease to have God-fearing men in government, we will have lost all morals and knowledge of ‘right and wrong’.  We have crossed that threshold and the Liberals love it.



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