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Obama Regime Forced To Confirm ISIS Is In America

isisObama administration confirms American ISIS fighters have returned and ‘the FBI is looking at them’ after terror army calls for attacks on the US

Obama administration official concedes that ISIS fighters from America have returned to US soil
Admission comes ten days after congressman said would-be terrorists in the US ‘are known and are being tracked’
As many as 100 Americans are feared to have gone overseas to join ISIS and its murderous jihad
Feds fear the impact of veteran terror warriors moving freely throughout the country
ISIS called Monday for attacks on the US and France, which are dropping bombs on them in Iraq: ‘Civilians should not be exempt from brutality’ Read more: here

Which is what Conservatives and some Republicans have said for several months.  America has wide open borders, directly due to Obama’s Non Enforcement Policy, of allowing and directly encouraging illegals from all over the world, to spread into American.  They’ve brought disease . . .  and terrorist.  Even a nitwit would have realized that this would have to happen.   And yet . . . . it was allowed.

What will Obama’s response be?  Blame will probably be placed on Republicans and perhaps Bush… even Reagan, for this small, little arrogant man, Barack Hussein, is incapable of accepting responsibly for his disastrous-by-design policies.


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