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Illegally Entering White House Grounds: Problem — Illegally Entering America: NO Problem

illegal fence jumperOver the weekend, Americans have seen 2 illegal, ‘border jumpers’, break into the White House grounds.

There has been much discussion and outrage, that these two people came “illegally” onto private property of the White House.  (Story:  here )

So, where is the outrage, consternation and cry’s for “better security” when ILLEGALS JUMP AMERICAN BORDERS?  None from Barack Hussein Obama and the “radical”, “extremest” Democrats, who are publicly welcoming and encouraging illegals to “jump” our borders to receive Food Stamps and to be eventually given amnesty by Obama and his compliment Democrats?

Why were these men even stopped.  . . . when our Border Agents are all but forgiven to do their job of stopping illegal invaders?  How many of these illegal-fence-border-jumpers committed more criminal acts, invaded houses and stolen from Americans? And why does this White House even have a fence, when Obama disproves of a fence and security, to protect Americans?!

It appears to ONLY be a problem when a citizens enters the grounds where Barack Obama resides.  Not where WE, the American people, reside. Hypocrisy at its bests.

What’s good enough for the Obama and the Democrats – – – isn’t allowed for Americans.

illegals jump american fence


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