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Child Receives Detention For Sharing His “Government Approved” Lunch

13Kyle Bradford went through the lunch line at Weaverville Elementary School in California, on Tuesday. He got a Chicken burrito. The only problem was he wasn’t particularly hungry. When he got to his table, he saw a friend who had received a cheese sandwich.

That’s when Bradford was faced with a choice: throw away his burrito, or give it to a friend who wasn’t excited about his sandwich. He chose the latter, and that’s when he was slapped with detention.

School policy now states:  students cannot share their lunches. They say it’s to prevent the kids from giving items to each other that they might be allergic to,here

The “new school policy” was enacted shortly after Michelle Obama’s busybody, regulatory lunch policy, went into effect.  (Coincidence, I’m sure.)  No sharing was likely to ensure students would be forced to eat whatever ‘food’ from Michelle O’s dietary guidelines, were thrust upon students.


Students get tofu, fruit and Brussels Sprouts… and Michelle gets lobster

Similarly, children through out the country have stated that they remain hungry after eating these Government Approved lunches . . . and some have rebelled.  In a few case, lunches brought from home, have been taken from kids and thrown away, because they didn’t ‘pass’ school approval.(story:  here)

Is this America?

We have to wonder how a kid can be punished for sharing a lunch at school? I seriously doubt this had much to do with a potential ‘law suite’ or allergies (the food was IN the school lunch program) and more to do with — authoritarian power, perhaps?  But it is foolish.  A stupid school rule which should be thrown in the trash along with all the left over food in the school cafeteria.

Our Federal government — and that is precisely what public schools have become, needs to butt out.  Local schools should not be controlled by busybody, ‘federal mandates’.

A good start would be to abolish the Federal Department of Education, which has become a huge, black-hole of government waste of taxpayer money.  It’s not needed. Give money collected back to the States, who should then send it to local districts.  We’re all adults who can make their own decisions without Uncle Sam, or Michelle Obama, telling us, what we need or don’t need to consume.

But better yet, save billions of taxpayer dollars by closing public school cafeterias.  Kids can bring the lunch from home.  No need to spend these billions on food, cafeteria’s, buildings, electricity, salaries and benefits to a Federal Program that is pure waste.  Besides, as we know, most school lunches taste pretty awful.  As for ‘hungry kids’, there are few parents in America who have NO money to feed their kids — for those who would quality, we already have Food Stamps and other programs . . .  and clearly, kids in school who would “share” what they have with a school mate.

There’s a reason we have a Federal Department of Education. . . . and that is for the purpose of Government control.  It, like the majority of Federal bureaucracies, is to keep money in the hands of politicians and not the people who earn it.

And we should remember that the Lord Jesus would have, been in trouble for “sharing” food.  Not to mention He didn’t have a Government Permit, government approved cooking facilities, the appropriate permits to ‘feed’ people in the street, appropriate utensils nor would He had passed approval for cleanliness.

Of course, if He’d happened to have served lobster, instead of cheaper fish, Michelle Obama would have approved.

Jesus shared fish

If Jesus had served lobster, instead of cheaper fish, Michelle Obama might have approved of His “sharing” food

2 comments on “Child Receives Detention For Sharing His “Government Approved” Lunch

  1. ConnieD@TastingAndACritic
    September 23, 2014

    I recall this kind of control of children taking place in another time and place. I think it started in the late 30’s, in Germany. If schools can’t think and reason for themselves, no wonder we have a generation (or two…) that have never learned to think for themselves. Schools now take their orders from the “central government”, and children are becoming dem-bots for assimilation into the borg.

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    • RightyPunditry
      September 23, 2014

      umm, yes, I do believe you’re correct. Our dear leader models himself more after Adolph, than King or FDR. We have such propaganda embedded in our schools, they all need to closed. So very sad for America, that we’d come to this under the dictatorial ‘feel good’ ideology of Democrats.

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