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Senator Ted Cruz’s Father: “The Average Black Does Not Understand”

Ted Cruz’s Dad: “The average black does not understand the Minimun Wage is bad.”  “And cruzthen I said, ‘Did you know that every member of the Ku Klux Klan were Democrats from the South?’ ‘

The father of Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said black people “need to be educated” about Democrats, so that they will vote Republican. …..Cruz spoke at length about a recent conversation he said he had with a black pastor in Bakersfield, California.

“I said, as a matter of fact, ‘Did you know that Civil Rights legislation was passed by Republicans? It was passed by a Republican Senate under the threat of a filibuster by the Democrats,’” Cruz said. “‘Oh, I didn’t know that.’ And then I said, ‘Did you know that every member of the Ku Klux Klan were Democrats from the South?’ ‘Oh I didn’t know that.’   Cruz cited a book Please Stop Helping Us by Jason Riley, a member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board.

“I am going to try to encourage everybody I can to buy a book written by a black journalist. His name is Jason Riley. He wrote a book called Please Stop Helping Us, talking about how all the handouts to blacks have kept blacks in the poorhouse. ” here

I’m sure the Democrats have the proverbial ‘field day’ with that comment.  A ‘non back’ man having the unmitigated gall to speak about “blacks” is something not tolerated by the intolerant Left.

Mr. Rafael Cruz is correct though.  Black Americans have not been given factual information, which I believe was, and is, intentional.  Once Democrats realized that black American’s would be receiving “civil rights”  due to the efforts of Republicans, their tactic for gaining power switched from suppressing black voters — to feeding them propaganda.  All for the highly prized end of votes and power.

It’s not right, but it has to be up to the knowledgeable Americans, the Conservatives or Republicans, to educated, not just blacks in Americas, but all Americans who receive such a biased education.  When you’re taught little but ‘liberalism’, by necessity, all you’ll know will be wrong and inaccurate.




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