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Illegals Sue America For “Rights” — Taxpayers Must Pay To “Legally” Re-Import Illegal Aliens

intimidate illegalsThe U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is expected to allow thousands of illegal immigrant deportees to return to the U.S., so long as they have ties to Southern California. Taxpayers will additionally fund a media campaign in Mexico, alerting deportees that they may be eligible to come back to the United States.
The plan, which only applies to Southern California, was reportedly drawn up in response to a lawsuit that was filed last year by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) relating to the rights of illegal immigrants. The Times reported that an unknown fraction of the some 250,000 previously-deported illegal immigrants will be allowed to come back to the country …..

Under the settlement, Border Patrol agents will be required to inform illegal immigrants of their right to fight deportation in the U.S. court system. Agents also must “provide them access to an informational hot line and a list of free legal service providers,” the Times reported. A taxpayer-funded “outreach effort” will also be launched through Mexican media outlets. The ad campaigns will inform deportees that they might be eligible to come back to the United States. here

What else would we expect from the radical Obama regime? American citizens are being forced to pay millions of dollars to re-import illegals back to the U.S.  Part of that money will go into Mexico for advertising purposes.  All to ensure these previously deported illegals know their “rights” to return to our country.  Possibly I should be stated: What was ‘previously’ known as “our country”.  It seems more and more that illegals have the same, if not more “rights” than American citizens.

intimidateThe law suite was settled by the Obama regime due to the suggestion that illegals were “intimidated” by American Border Agents.

Common sense dictates that “intimidating illegals” is part of their job description, just as law enforcement intimidates anyone committing a crime.  Evidently, recognizing common sense is too much to expect from the distorted, Liberal mind.  Especially when the Liberals goal is to “fundamentally transform” America into their socialist nirvana — and punish Americans.

Our Border Agents will soon be required to wear cameras.  Not to help ensure their safety or rights. . .  but the “rights” of those illegals, who might want to sue for “intimidation”.

Astounding enough that our Agents will be punished by the regime for doing their job; but now, Obama is adding insult to injury.  Does the Federal government not realize, that illegals are known to carry guns, knives and other weapons of intimidation?  Or do they not care?  Or possibly, according to Obama, that’s the “right” of illegals to protect themselves form ‘intimidation’.  Insanity.


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