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Obama To Send American Troops To Fight . . . A Disease, Not ISIS

obama war on disease1An anticipated announcement by President Obama on Tuesday to send up to 3,000 military personnel to West Africa as part of a boosted effort to combat Ebola…

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said earlier Monday that “I would anticipate that you’ll see an announcement related to ramping up the kind of assistance the United States can provide to try to meet this need.”  Earnest recalled that Obama, in a recent interview, identified the Ebola virus outbreak “as a top national security priority.”  here

Our dear leaders, Barack Hussein Obama (previously known as Barry Soto) isn’t stupid.  But he does like to play stupid on his TV Press show.

This is the same man who isn’t willing to put “boots on the ground” to fight Islamic terrorist overseas  — much less the ones coming over our open borders.  But he is willing to put our military “in harm’s way” to fight . . . .  a disease in a foreign country?  Is that stupid, insane, incompetent or simply Obamaesque?

Ebola is a horrific. deadly disease and the reason I had to wonder why Obama allowed it imported to the U.S. when Americans could have been treated in the country of origin.  Why bring that disease to American, where it’s never been before?



But sending American military is stultifying nonsense from the Radically Obtuse Obama. Is our military suppose to shoot germs?  The people infected with the germ?  No, surely not, so this is a waste of our most precious resources from our Radical in Chief.

If he’s hell-bent on sending something of use, he could ask for volunteers in the medical field, who according to Obama, loved and his failed  “obamacare”.  Where are those folks now?  If Democrats, probably hiding under some rock in Southern Cal.

Ebola definitely isn’t our “top national security priority”.  As thinking Americans realize, our “top of national security” problems to be addressed are:

1.  Our open borders, allowing not just illegal aliens with a variety of diseases to flood into America, but more likely than not, al Qaeda is creeping over at will.  Obama and his radical regime, have no interest in protecting Americans from whatever is descending over our borders.  Where’s the military to protect us from those diseases, we know they’re bringing?

2.  Fighting, killing and annihilating ISIS (al Qaeda, etc.) is in the “national security interest” of America.  But our dear leader has publicly and repeatedly announced he won’t place ‘boots on the ground’ to fight that evil.  He won’t even allow our Border Agents to do the job they were hired to do, here in America.

Spending what will be millions of dollars to send troops to Africa to fight the invisible, is like icing on the proverbial cake.  What else would be expected from this Failure of a “leader-from-behind”?


One comment on “Obama To Send American Troops To Fight . . . A Disease, Not ISIS

  1. zip
    September 16, 2014

    BaṘi = the Chess board piece that has no limitations, using troops as toy soldiers for PSYOP missions.
    I may’ve already sent this link, but in case not: AIDS/Ebola: Reports Outbreaks “Man-made” and CIA-linked http://eugenicsanddepopulation.blogspot.com/2009/01/aidsebola-reports-outbreaks-man-made.html
    If they were really ‘serious’ about fighting this they’re imprison those who are really behind it instead of sending anyone in to be infected and spread their ‘planned chem warfare’. But then, they’d be imprisoning themselves, wouldn’t they?


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