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ISIS’s Supporter Making Threats In The “Gun Free Zone” Of Chicago As New Jersey Man Fly’s ISIS Flag

isis jerkEmad Karakrah, 49, was arrested Wednesday after the chase and bomb threat. Chicago Police Department Emad Karakrah, 49, was arrested Wednesday after the chase and bomb threat.  A Chicago man trailing an ISIS flag outside his car window is behind bars after leading cops on a chase and then telling officers the vehicle was rigged with explosives and would detonate if searched, police said.. here

I sees to be obvious, that this fool has declared his allegiance to Muslim terrorist, known as ISIS, over any loyalties to America.  He’ll receive his ‘day in court’ and possibly with the support of s taxpayer-funded legal attorney and the dependable ACLU, who never found anti-American type, they were ready to support.

It seems to me, that anyone living here and support an America enemy should see the business side of a gun.  I’m not too concerned if they’re citizens or not — we’re dealing with a special group of evil insanity that must be destroyed the old-fashioned way.  And since the Islamist terrorist seem so eager and will to meet their god, we should be just as eager and willing to see that happens sooner rather than later.  It also seems apparent that citizens might have to do what our Federal government refuses to do:  protect America from its enemy.

isis supporter 2Another man in New Jersey, Mark Dunaway, was flying an ISIS flag in front of his home, proud to be a Muslim, he said.  But also stated he was an “American”?  Really?? ( here  )

The question is, does the man have the right to isis supportersupport ISIS, fly their flag IN America?  Is that freedom of speech . . . or is America playing the fool?  American didn’t allow Hitler support to run a muck and persecute Jews or Japanese supporters to fly their “flags” during the war? We’re at war with radical, Islamic terrorist/ ISIS/ al Qaeda/ Hama/ and the Muslim Brotherhood.  The one thing they have in common is that they’re all Muslims —- whether Obama likes it or not.

It’s upsetting to know we have Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his incompetent, radical regime ‘guarding the gates of America’.  As we know, the gates are wide open and we’ve never been more vulnerable.




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