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American’s Considered A “Threat” Where Illegals Flooding America Have “Rights”

Stop-Illegal-ImmigrationpngMembers of a militia are planning to block ports of entry along the Rio Grande Valley to protest illegal immigration, according to a local news report.

According to a KRGX report Thursday, local officials say militia members are planning to protest by blocking traffic at the international ports on September 20.

Rio Grande City Mayor Ruben Villarreal told the station that law enforcement is preparing for the disruption but is unsure what to expect.

“What can we expect? I don’t know. The unknown becomes an issue that we really got to prepare for,” he said, explaining that local law and federal enforcement are preparing to deal with the matter when it happens.”  here

These are probably good, American citizen who, like millions of us, are past fed up with a government who ignores our rights and concerns as citizens.

Illegals aliens and our concerned over open borders, has rightfully exploded under the reign of Barack Hussein Obama and his open border, come-on-over policy of non-enforcement.  It’s clear that Obama has ignored Federal law in his lust and zeal to import illegals — to become voting Democrats.  Fact remains that he ignores all laws with which he disagrees, as Republicans do. . .  . nothing to stop him.

These Americans are doing what our government will do not.  Just like Americans who belong to or support the “tea party” movement of smaller Federal government, lower taxes and respect for our Constitution, these men and women are refereed to and viewed as ‘American terrorist’.  They been called as much by Democrats in Obama’s regime.

I support what they’re doing.  This is national security issue that the Federal government is unconcerned with.  But I do wonder how far the Obama/ Democrat government officials will go to stop them from a legal protest and degrading what they’ll do?  We can always watch the failed MSNBC and CNN to find out.  They’ll be the first on that bandwagon of “Liberal hate speech”.



3 comments on “American’s Considered A “Threat” Where Illegals Flooding America Have “Rights”

  1. Gunny G
    September 15, 2014
  2. Lorra B.
    September 15, 2014

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  3. zip
    September 15, 2014

    Yep, you got it. Just like the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ which the commie-totalitarianism is trying to make void and null. The so-called leader (and any who follow them) are going against their ‘oath’ – which is no surprise but still a fact, in this takeover by Lawlessness & accelerating Lie Program.
    We are seeing more of the sin/cursed world affect, as if God is lifting His hand of restraint off some … maybe to get people to ‘realize’ the scum of depravity of being alienated from HIM. Those whose hearts harden even more with evil events, go farther into the darkness rather than draw near to God and His Truth – Who’d ‘make’ them free.
    How to Get Into Heaven: http://youtu.be/ubwMLOSOmGI

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