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CBS Rejects Patriotic Ad As Being “Too Political”

cbs reject offensive adCBS Sports Network rejected a 30-second advertisement from Windermere Real Estate/Tri-Cities that shows company owner Dave Retter’s granddaughter delivering the pledge with her hand over her heart.

No mention or sign of a political party in sight.

“We just thought it’s around Sept. 11, Patriot Day, and rodeo is as patriotic a sport as it comes,” Retter told the Herald. “We’ve had so many positive responses, we felt it would be fun to run something positive.”

Jordan Bradley, a contact between local officials and the network, emailed fair director Lori Lancaster on Thursday, saying CBS Sports rejected the ad because of its “political natureRead more here: here

There has been too much “BS” in CBS for some time, but this foolishness, must not be tolerated.  Political correctness hasn’t just run a muck. It’s run over our rights as a free people to make decisions for ourselves and to express our values.

Pledging allegiance to American doesn’t “offended” an American.  Thousands of men and women have died to give us that right and privilege, so if it offends some cooter-brain, I will boldly suggests the problem is theirs and not the responsibly of the ridiculous CBS or the Local, State of Federal government.  We,  American citizens, been harangued and harassed into believing we must accept the “politically correct” assessment of the world.  That actually is a ‘political’ agenda.  The pledge of allegiance is not.

Being “offended” by something we see or hear, NOT is in the Bill of Rights.  I’m “offended” by Liberal stupidity almost daily.  These are people, atheist and Liberals, who take offense to our patriotism and Conservative principles, as if they were or should be illegal or unconstitutional.. They are not. — they’re what our freedoms are based upon. Those rejecting America values, must be stood up too, boycotted, shouted down and voted out.

We should all be sufficiently mature to respect others rights with which we disagree — viewing an American flag, a cross and hearing the Pledge to our country, is part of American values and traditions. What are these Liberal/ Progressive hacks part of? Evidently, just themselves and their own biased and contempt for others rights as a free people.



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