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How’bout Some Truth And Consequence For Politicians?

politi liesPoliticians are known for fabricating and exaggerating the truth — let’s just call it what it is, lying. On some occasion it might be necessary to protect truly top-secret information.  But the majority of the time, they lie for their personal agenda, which is to protect themselves, embellish their activities . . . .  or most directly: to hurt other politicians or opposing Party.

The American people shouldn’t have to tolerate being directly and intentionally lied to, by the very people they elect.  But these politicians make up the rules they live by (or don’t) and decided long ago, they could lie on the Congressional floor without consequence.  As we know, this has extended way beyond the Congressional floor and onto the election trail and nightly newscast interviews.  Since few voters inform themselves, we end up with a bunch of lying political hacks running our nation and lives.

It also factual that “lying to Congress” is  “illegal” and a citizen can end up in prison for doing so . . . (except if your Hillary Clinton, evidently).  Yet, politicians can lie to the American public willy-nilly and hope it’s all forgotten by the next election.  It usually is.

Lying politician forced to speak the truth

Lying politician forced to speak the truth

What I would like to see, is every politician, every time he opens his or her mouth, to swear on an Oath of tell the truth. Just as we do in a court of law, and with much of the same results.  The fear of a Perjury conviction.

They wouldn’t be allowed to get by with their  interpenetration of the truth, but the actual truth.  They would need to speak Facts — those pesky little things that mean so much but are shoved aside like piles of elephant dung.

Personally, I don’t mind “negative” political ads — as long as they’re truthful, accurate and factual.  Not someone’s version of the aforementioned or downright lies.  If ole Billy Bob stole granny’s life savings to donate to Planned Parenthood, say so.  If he gave granny’s inheritance to Planned Parenthood, per granny’s request, SAY so. Or pay the consequences.

What’s really antagonizing is having politicians make blanket statements that I (we) pretty well know are unmitigated lies.  Democrat Sen. Harry Reid and Democrat Cong. Nancy Pelosi are professionals.  They’re not alone by far — Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t even flinch when he lies (“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”), but these are just a few of the ungodly Professional Liars we’ve elected to represent Americans.

liarIf these politicians were mandated by law to ‘tell the truth and nothing but the truth’, by taking an Oath, then if and when they spoke untruths, there would be immediate repercussions.  I’d like to see them lose their job, be Impeached; but that would mean another election and the cost entailed.  And honestly, I believe there are those ill-informed voters who don’t care if their politician lies… it’s the other guy’s lying they dislike.  And their lie wouldn’t be something mundane like his wife wore a blue dress when it was pink.  But the sort of lies that are harmful to another person or Party and our nations policies and well-being.

Impeachment could be the consequence — not retirement pay either; no benefits, no extended taxpayer-funded salary. They should be sent home with their sack of work cloths, like the ordinary citizen they are.

It’s illegal to lie in a court of law.  It is also against God’s principles for us to lie to one another — there are dozens and dozens of scriptures with warnings to liars. So why should politicians in particular, pay little to no serious consequence for their lies to Americans?  There are the news articles written and commentators notes of these ‘possible untruths’. (and I must mention the horrendous bias within our so-called ‘news media’).  But most of those lies are brushed off as inconsequential and said Professional Political Liar goes about his or her business of staying in office.   It just shouldn’t be.

We should demand better of our representatives.  But we don’t. In good part, it’s probably because too many care too little.  Politicians lie; they’re expected to lie and little attention is paid.

You get what you pay for.  You also get what you vote for and usually deserve. I just think Americans deserve better.

4 comments on “How’bout Some Truth And Consequence For Politicians?

  1. A. L. Luttrell
    September 12, 2014

    Well said my friend, I really liked this article. It was honest! :)
    I shared on my twitter and Facebook. It was really well done.

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    • RightyPunditry
      September 12, 2014

      Well, thanks so much! Very much appreciate your thoughtful input! And God bless!


  2. zip
    September 12, 2014

    Rightly stated, right punditry! They’re free wheeling – no accountability, no restraints, no repercussions for their lies or illegal actions. Total ungodliness and reprobate minds and hearts.
    Here’s something you might appreciate. Thanks for the ‘sanity thoughts’!

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