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Racism Alive And Well In The Democrat Stronghold Of New York City — Or Not?

black racismTwo New York women were arrested Monday after allegedly forcing the dwellers of a Brooklyn apartment to flee their home at gunpoint. The attack was apparently racially motivated, as police claim one woman said she was tired of white people moving into her neighborhood.  The pair of African Americans knocked on the door of an apartment in a building …..Police say they then barged into the apartment threatening residents with a gun.

Once inside, Precious Parker, 30, and Sabrina James, 23, allegedly robbed the three inhabitants of $800, an iPhone, and personal information before demanding that the three vacate the apartment..”full Breitbart story: here

I’m sure the rest of the non-black community has nothing to fear from these “Lone Wolves” of the Racism Industry.  We can rest easy knowing our beloved leader-from-behind, Barack ******* Obama’s regime, has a “strategy”.  After all, it’s headed by the Professional Impartial, Democrat Attorney General Eric “black panther” Holder of the Injustice Department.  He will obviously be in full investigative mode.

And no doubt, The Justice Brothers (Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson) will miraculously appear like a cow flatulent, to march in the streets, encourage vandalism and chaos as they demand “No peace, No justice!!” from the locals.  ‘Injustice’, as we’ve learned, must be pronounced and carried out immediately, before the biased Judicial System gets involved!Injustice Brothers 2I am a bit surprised, that some of those who are usually railing against racism and bigotry, seem to be . . . might be . . . couldn’t possibly be racist and bigots themselves.  How could that be when so many white Americans elected the first carelessly unqualified, intentionally un-vetted, firsts half-black President, who proclaimed he’d bring an end of racial divisions?  Isn’t that what his appointee Eric Holder is all about?  Isn’t that why Mr. Holder threw out the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case?  A case which they already pleaded guilty too? Curious.

Do I not remember that even Barack Hussein got personally involved in the non-racist legal case of little Trayvon Martin, who just happened to be a hate-filled, drug-using, tea-toting thug, who rightfully attacked a “white” Hispanic because he was in his ‘hood’?  And just as our dear leader inserted himself into the “white” police officer’s questioning of Barack’s friend Henry Louis Gates of Harvard U?  Why yes, I think I do remember correctly.

After 6 years of Obama’s Injustice Department and decades of The Justice Bro’s seeking ‘black social justice’, I would think all this racial prejudice would have ended.  What’s wrong with the racist white folk that they think they can live in an area they choose . . . . where black folk don’t wana’um? Shameful, that’s what it is, just shameful.  White folk shoulda learned their place by now.

Yee haw, Democrats!

Yee haw, Democrats!

Let me see if I can locate Eric Holder’s phone number . . . or perhaps calling my local IRS and filling a complaint, would do the trick?  As Rahm Emanuel might have said, “Racism is a terrible tool to waste”.  Yee haw, Democrats!

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