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Is ISIS Already IN Texas?

ISIS in state of Texas“ISIS supporters, possibly members, have also been spotted at a Jason’s Deli at 290 and 34th in Houston.

Note the patch on his right shoulder. That is the ISIS shahada, a statement of faith, that says on the top line: “There is no god but Allah.” The circular field below it reads: “Muhammad, messenger of Allah.”  A friend of mine posted this pic below, asked her friends to repost, and hers and theirs were deleted by Facebook shortly thereafter.”

I can’t vouch for this person or his Post (and I won’t divulge his name) but I thought it might be worth passing on, due to the Obama’s regime’s intentional failure to secure our borders.

Living in Texas and frequenting Jason’s Deli, does give me reason to wonder if this is accurate. Obama’s Open Border assault on our Constitution and rights as American citizens to expect our government’s protection, is likely to be his biggest failure and legacy.



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