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Democrats, Progressive, Liberals And Their Anti-Moral, Anti-God, Anti-Ethics Ideology


Paul Krugman, Liberal crank

Liberal economist Paul Krugman said Thursday that conservatives “want to push us back to 1894” on social issues, a fact reflected, he said, by the movement’s embrace of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case that said based on their religious convictions, “closely held” corporations had the right to oppose the federal mandate requiring employers to pay for health insurance that includes abortion-inducing contraceptives. “The real goal is to push us back to 1894, not even to 1924,” Krugman said at an event at the City University of New York. “So these are the stakes.
“I would say no corporation is a person,” Krugman said. here

Krugman, a devout communist, has a point.  Conservative or anyone who respects our Constitution, would like to push America back to a place of sanity, respect, following the Rule of Law and a bit of the morality we were founded upon.  Something Liberals oppose.

The Supreme Courts decision in this particular instance was correct.  A corporation is a group of people, not an inanimate building or entity, which even the dimmest wit should be able to understand.

The definition of Corporation is: an association of individuals……”  2. any group of persons united or regarded as united in one body. “

Individuals and persons are the key words.  A Corporation is made up of people, individuals, who think, vote, have opinions and ideology, which must be respected by government. And when those people don’t support the Governments idea of abortion, they have the Constitutional right to protest and object.

Our Constitution, via the Bill of Rights, guarantees our “right” to religious freedom and forbids the Federal government from restricting that right.  “The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion…”  “Obamacare” has clearly violated that right of the people.

Krugman is the usual Leftist crank who fabricates lie after lie, to support his warped progressive ideology.  And as all Leftists cranks, he’s wrong and always will be.   He, like Barack Hussein Obama, hates the American Constitution and it’s constraints on “big” government.  He hates morality and those who respect a God and choose to participate in worships of God, ethics and morality.  In fact, careful examination of members of the current “radical”, “extremest” individuals, making up the Socialist Democrat Party, will show few people who care about morals or ethics.  Only voters and power.

Krugman is simply a reflection of the ‘progressive’ unethical, immorality promoted by the Democrats.



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    The problem of ‘group think’ or the ‘collective manifesto’:
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    The ‘Artificial Dialectic’ http://youtu.be/XLbWGCGAkKc


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