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Chuck Todd: You’ve Done Far Worse Than “Lost Touch With Regular Americans”

chuckutodd“…Meet The Press….new host Chuck Todd admitted that the mainstream press and the Washington establishment have lost touch with regular Americas and vowed that his show would do its part to rectify that.

“I certainly believe Washington journalists have the same problem Washington politicians have… we’ve collectively lost touch and credibility with the rest of America, outside the coasts (or as I like to say, the Acela Corridor of DC to Boston),”  here

Chuck ole boy, what was your first clue and when did you find it?  America at large has said that the American “press” has been “out of touch”, for many, many long years.  Sadly, it’s not simply “out of touch”, as you put it.  It is a down in the dirt, corrupt political agenda that Liberal reporters, journalist, commentators and hosts, are involved in.  It is Leftist propaganda and not ‘news reporting’ at all.

American’s receive legitimate, honest news from very few of you: we get Leftist, Democrat propaganda, which appears to come directly from (this current White House) or the DNC.  You and yours don’t ‘investigate’ and report, you read what you’re given by Democrats and call it “journalism”.  But American journalism has died.  Replaced by the Democrat agenda.

demsMaybe much of the responsibly belongs to the networks, which are primarily held and controlled by Liberals and the far Left. They choose to hire only those who will repeat their Progressive mantra.  Do any of these reporters, journalist, commentators or hosts have any pride in themselves?  Apparently not.

I’m not sure what your journalist role model is, but it isn’t journalism or investigative reporting.  It’s not even getting the facts, much less into the truth. You’re open support for Democrats is clear.  As for Republicans, your bias is as voluminous at the mole on your collective noses.

Republican candidates and elected politicians immediately receive a continual anal exam from our ‘press’.  Whereas you and your corrupt-cohorts-in-political-theater, declare all those wearing the Republican banner to be: fools, racist, “extremest”, “radical”, “far Right”, liars and incompetence. Democrats?  Well, you swoon over  them like a cone of melting ice cream.  You never met a Democrat you didn’t love . . . nor a Republican you didn’t hate.

Did you not think a few (million) Americans would notice?

Not all of us are embrace your propaganda.  We know American. We know our values and principle and how they’ve been ravaged by Liberal Democrats for generations, as they attempt to “fundamentally transform” America into a shadow of her once great self.  The horrendous evidence is Barack Hussein Obama and his successful regime of destruction.  And you don’t report it.  You don’t harangue about the highest unemployment rates since the Great Depression.  You don’t report inflation or the soaring cost of food and gasoline. You don’t report Obama’s outlandish, in-your-face lies to Americans or get in an uproar about his illegal, unconstitutional actions.  You are complicit in the cover-ups and misdirection’s perpetrated by this regime.

You haven’t “lost touch”.  You abandoned any form of an unbiased, ethical standard you ever once held.  You abandoned it to support your personal, warped and inevitably wrong political ideology touted by the Left.  You might have begun as an absorbing sponge in some Leftist college, but you are now willfully and eagerly repeating propaganda with foreknowledge. That’s not journalism or reporting.  That’s the standard, old-fashioned communist indoctrination.

If you want to ‘get in touch’ with the majority of Americas, that’s going to take some serious touching.  It will involving getting your ‘mind straight’ and not simply reporting the legitimate ideas found on the Right, but giving them credibility as well.  “Fair and balanced” should be the standard in our news — not the exception.

I wish you luck in this new endeavor of yours.  Personally, I don’t hold much credit to it.  Not just for you, but for all the corrupt Leftist pretending to be “professional journalist”.  You’re not.  You’re the same Propagandist the world experienced previously from the USSR and Nazi Germany.  Sadly, they were forced to report whatever their Regime demanded.  You people do it stupidly and willingly.

American reporters, journalists, commentators and TV hosts don’t reflect America.  The red areas are Republican counties… and the blue, Democrat. Where’s the ‘diversity’ in our press? You need a microscope to find it.

Red Republican counties vs Blue Democrat counties

Red Republican counties vs Blue Democrat counties




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