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Not A Surprise: Democrat Policies Have Failed The “Hispanic Community” Too

no fatherMike Gonzalez, a Senior Fellow of the Heritage Foundation and former Bush administration official, told Breitbart News Sunday that conservatives can reverse the trend of Hispanics’ lopsided support for Democrats by endorsing policies of education choice, family values, and financial freedom. .. . . .  emphasizing core values of community, industry, and independence, conservatives can galvanize the Hispanic vote.

Bannon observed ‘A Race for the Future’ reveals the very disturbing trends within the Hispanic community “about the implosion of the Hispanic family,” a group that Bannon points out “had strong cultural values in Latin America, Central America and the Caribbean and has had deep ties with the Catholic Church.”  Gonzalez claims that in the 1970’s affirmative action “minoritized a bunch of immigrants coming into America, including myself and my family.” Gonzalez claims that affirmative action teaches new immigrants “to rely on the benevolence of the federal government for their success.” here

Just as has been written and said for several generations, Democrat polices fail everywhere they’re tried.  And the truth is:  they’re intended to fail.

The Socialist Democrat Party seeks voters but more importantly, their continued power.  Their polices will keep them in power as they promote the same horrible polices decade after decade, touting how they will “fix” what’s wrong.  The fact is, it’s Democrats and their polices all always wrong.

They continue repeat that these failed polices will be ‘fixed’ . . . and by what?  More of the same, failed Democrat polices.  Just elect and reelect them and see the glorious results — that never come to fruition. They only way to fix what Democrats have intentionally broken, is to vote Conservatives into office to repair, rescind, repeal and correct, the destructive polices of these Liberals.

fifty-three percent of  “hispanics” give birth to kids with no dad around.  Not a conservative principle hispanic used to embrace — the foundation of a ‘family’ is a Mother and Father.  Not a “village” and not government dolling out x amount of taxpayer dollars for subsidized food, housing and whatever else people want but won’t buy themselves.

This is exactly what happened to the “black community” of America, as Democrats enacted their policies in the ’60’s including abortion and more free stuff to females, so they don’t have to be concerned about having a ‘baby daddy’ around. Liberal Democrats endorse immorality as a “right” just as they reject “morality” as a crushing blow to freedom. . . and their elective powers.

I hate to see hispancis Americans, falling prey to this same evil, and it is an evil.  But without proper education in what it takes to be successful in a ‘free society’, they will be the newest Democrat victims.  Just as the illegals Obama is importing, are bound to be victims of Democrats oppression, not freedom.




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