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How To Destroy A State Or Entire Country, The Democrat Way

illegalDuring….. California gubernatorial debate against Republican Neel Kashkari, California Governor Jerry Brown (D) revealed that nearly 30% of the state’s schoolchildren are either illegal immigrants or do not speak English.

Brown, who recently said that illegal immigrants from Mexico were “all welcome in California,” praised his administration’s immigration policies. He said that California is “setting the pace” on immigration laws and mentioned bills he signed that gave driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, made California …” here

Of course 1/3 or more of California residents don’t ‘speaka la Enlglisha’ . Democrat/ Liberals Polices of Destructive Behavior, has been importing illegal populations of dependent and impoverished immigrants, for decades.  This is one sure way to “fundamentally change” America… for the worse.  Add that to the liberal insanity of embracing ‘multiculturalism’ and it spell “Disaster the Democrat Way”.

Europe, which Liberals tout as the height of intelligent behavior, has come to realize, not just that Socialism is a failed policy, but that multiculturalism is too ( here).  If you import people into a nation without requiring that they become part of that nation’s culture, you will necessarily, lose that nation’s culture.

If that culture is based on fascism, socialism or communism, a nation would do well to import capitalism and personal responsibly it embraces.  When you do just the opposite and import non-English speakers, who have no idea what America is based upon, and don’t care about its history or exceptional Constitution (and will not learn in  most public schools)– you’re courting destruction.  With the case of these radical, extremest making up the Socialist Democrat Party, that is exactly what we now have.

illegal racist

Foreigners and illegals demand Americans “leave” America

Multiculturalism is not a good thing, regardless of the mindless dribble recited by Liberals.  English is a ‘world language of success’ — not Spanish or Russian… or Farsi.  Liberal’s agenda is to convince English-speaking America, that they’re bigoted and intolerant not to allow and applaud non-English speakers.  They tell Americans that we must conform to these foreigners and their culture, not the other way around.  Foolish and destructive. (here)

With Barack Hussein Obama’s secretly shuffling of illegals throughout the country, how long before we’re told, or demanded, to learn Spanish?  Like Canada, we might well end up with a greater divided country, as we divide along English and Spanish.

And we must note, that will Democrat Socialist Gov. Brown is violating Federal Law  — and being ignored for doing so by our corrupt Attorney General Eric “black panther” Holder.  The same Holder  who went after Arizona Republican Governed for attempting to enforce Federal law regarding these criminal activity of illegals.

2 comments on “How To Destroy A State Or Entire Country, The Democrat Way

  1. Tom Lundstrom
    September 6, 2014

    Reblogged this on An American Perspective.


  2. Tom Lundstrom
    September 6, 2014

    I, like most American’s, am fed up with the expectation that we must conform to the needs of those who come here illegally! We must expel these people from our nation’s borders, and that can only be done by replacing the current liberal regime and repealing every destructive Bill that has been signed into law under this POTUS! I re-blogged this article and shared it. Thank you for posting.


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