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Christian Singers Says Jesus Might Have Been Wrong About Creation, Noah And What Else?

m_gungorChristian singer is being blasted this week by the head of Answers in Genesis after the performer suggested Jesus may have been wrong about the creation story, or possibly even lied about it to fit in with popular culture.

“I think you’re making a lot of assumptions based in a perspective that was handed to you from our culture, —

“To just see a few words that somebody said, that Jesus said about Noah, and you assume that you can get into Jesus’ mind and know exactly how he thought about the whole situation, and how He considered history versus myth versus whatever – how do you know?  And even if He was wrong, even if He did believe that Noah was a historical person, or Adam was a historical person, and ended up being wrong, I don’t understand how that even would deny the divinity of Christ. The whole idea of the divinity of Christ being fully human and fully God, that God lowered Himself to become a human being with a human brain, in a human culture with human language and human needs and human limitations,” he explained.  Read more at here

What a confused young man.  I can’t help but wonder who is Pastor/ Teacher has been these years?  Or perhaps he’s a new convert who has little understanding of the Bible and our Lord and Savior?  But in any case, Jesus is never, ever “wrong”.  To even suggest such absurdity is absurd — something expected from any non-believer, but not never a Christian.

How could anyone place their personal trust and believe in WHO Christ said He is . . . and yet say this same God might have been wrong or lied?

Spiritually taught Christians, do “know” and can get into “Jesus’ mind” because that is Biblical.  That is what the Holy Spirit does for us — open our small weak minds to the Truth in the Word.  Jesus Himself is the Creator who created the universe.  How do a believer have doubt He knew (knows) Noah personally?

It’s very sad that our churches and preachers have so failed those who they are instructed to thoroughly teach.  I hope Mr. Gungor will sooner, rather than later, have a clear understanding of Biblical truths.







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