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Actresses All In A Tizzy For Nude Photo’s . . . . They Weren’t Paid For?

NOT much different than was 'hacked', I presume, Jennifer?

NOT much different than was ‘hacked’, I presume, Jennifer?

In his outstanding piece about the Left’s hypocrisy on issues of privacy, my colleague Ben Shapiro notes that the likes of Lena Dunham are attacking those questioning the judgment of actresses uploading nude photos of themselves as “blaming the victim.” What horse manure. Taking nude photos of yourself in this day and age is beyond stupid and immature and reckless and naïve.

I’m not making a moral judgment. However consenting adults want to get their freak on in the privacy of their own Hollywood Hills mansion — hey, be my guest. But when you upload photos of said freak to the iCloud, you are uploading them to, yes, someone else’s computer. This is stupid in the extreme. here

A lot of female celebrities are all in an uproar that someone stolen their “nude or sexuality explicit” photos, that they had on their personal phones or computers.  I can’t help but wonder: is their main complaint that they weren’t paid by the hacker, for photos most of them readily have taken. . . . in movies.  Yeah, I know, we think we have ‘privacy’, but most of the thinking public realizes we do NOT.

I’ve had the  misfortune of seeing way too much of several actors, male and female alike, while watching what I thought would be an interesting television program.  Of course, all of those people were paid for their nudity, sexually explicit activities. So what’s different here?  No financial compensation?

If these women are going to be so foolish as to upload those naked selfies, some of them (evidently) in sexual activities — well, not very bright.  Or possibly it’s intentional, as most will do about anything for publicity.  But I’m still betting on the lack of a financial transaction as being numero uno.

The real, huge problem is for working Americans who have their financial information stolen from Target, Home Depot and the like.  Not actresses and the naked photos they allowed taken and posted on their on ‘iCloud’.

As I understand it, this problem of ‘hacking’ our credit information,  isn’t nearly as prominent in Europe.  They use better credit/ debit cards, which cost more and hence, aren’t used in America.  Seriously?  I’d pay more per year for a little real security.

As for nude pics . . . if you don’t want them to fall to public view, DON’T TAKE THEM.  Most times the simplest answers are the best answers.  You can take that as a ‘moral judgement’ or “blaming the victim”, but these are all adult women. Take the blame where some blame is do.  If it’s good enough for  our dear leader, Barack Hussein Obama to do, then it’s good enough for all of  us to . . . . . . oh wait.  Barack never does that, does he.



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