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Why Shouldn’t American’s Be “Offended” By Mexican Flags And Signs? Why Isn’t America First?

mexian flags

Mexican flag above American flag = Wrong

I live and grew up in Texas.  A State which I’ve seen drastically transformed since my youth.  Growing up, I never saw Mexican flags flying over an American business. American citizens, and those living and working here, seemed to be proud to be in America instead of where they left.  A business in America, had mexcan flagan American flag or no flag at all.

Not so now.

The masses of ‘illegals’ coming to America, come for very different reasons then they did a few decades ago.  A reason which has nothing to do with wanting to BE an American or embracing American values, language and way of life!  That attitude is now reflected in our society.  That is not good.

Driving within an 15 miles radius of home, my eyes are assaulted by Mexican flags and foreign languages signs on store fronts.  I english onlyoften wonder if I’m still in America? These small business are selling everything from used cars, tires, repair shops and  Mexican eateries —  and I  see Mexican flags and little to NO English.

I’ve now decided to be Officially Offended, and assume that these stores are not interested in business from an America citizen. . . . a good way to takeover any area, town, State or country?

Beyoncé stage dress is as tacky and cheap and Miley Cyrus and isn't "feminine"

Beyoncé stage dress is as tacky and cheap and Miley Cyrus and isn’t “feminine”

Unless you’ve lived underground for the last 20 or so years, you know that Liberalism refuses to be ‘offended’ — and they’re offended by everything normal, moral, ethical or good.  Or so it seems.

The Redskins football team has been harassed by intolerant idiots to change the name they’ve had for 60 years. Now the Federal government has joined in.

Beyoncé has decided that “feminism” is best displayed and promoted by her behaving and dressing like a prostitute.  We’re told we must accept her ideological beliefs or be called ‘intolerant’.  She’s not the first, but the most recent to embrace tawdry, cheapness as “sexy” and desirable . . . and “feminist”.  We’re not supposed to be offended.

american flag

American flags belong with American business

It appears that there’s a force at work, to make Americans forget their heritage.  A heritage that we should be proud of (forget the Liberal driven propaganda because it is, propaganda.  Not fact).  This force, promoted by the radical Liberal ideology wants us to forget English and embrace Spanish — to be tolerant.  To allow foreigners and illegals to love and appreciate their “homeland” and language  . . .  and we, the American, should “conform”, so we’re not “intolerant”.

I am “offended” (to use Liberal-intolerant speak) by seeing American businesses flying foreign flags with signs which, as an American, I can’t read.  Nor do I feel I would be welcomed into that business.

This is America.  The English language and American traditions and values should be first.

I’ve decided to contact my local Representative, as well as my State Congressional Reps.  I expect to be either ignored or called “intolerant” but I am moving forward.

Our local and State laws should reflect that we are in American:

Any and all business signs should be in English.  If a business proprietor then chooses to have Mandarin, Japanese or Spanish inside his store, he can, although, I believe all transactions, as well as voting ballots, should be in English only.  It is unfair, unjust and idiotic that American citizens are made to feel like intolerant intruders in their own neighborhood, cities and States for wanting to see American flags, not foreign ones, and the speaking of English language in our own country.

If we’re afraid to BE Americans,  to stand up for American values, principles and language, I guarantee we’ll lose that too.

american flag home

Be proud and support American values before we loose them

You can find your State Representative:  http://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/

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