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Obama’s Responsibility For The Murder Of A 5-Year-Old Girl

illegal Angel-Sanches murdererDallas police have made an arrest in the murder of a 5-year-old girl found dead Sunday in a vacant Lake Highlands apartment. Police said 17-year-old Angel Lizandro Sanches-Zenteno killed the little girl and dumped her in a vacant apartment at the Sontero Palms apartment complex in the 9500 block of Royal Lane.

Police identified him as her cousin.

The medical examiner identified the girl as Katherina Gonzalez. The ME’s office ruled the initial cause of death as strangulation, said Dallas police Maj. Rob Sherwin. here

(It must be Noted, that out of 5 or 6 articles about this murderer, only 1 mentioned this creep is ILLEGAL.  Liberal politics has no business in news reporting, but as Conservatives know, it’s all about liberal politics.  Democrats ignored facts and present their propaganda)

I realize Obama and the Socialist Democrat Party are hell-bent on importing as many Mexicans and S. Americans as possible, before the 2016 election takes place.  Obviously, they have plans for that election and those to follow.

This is the reason Democrats are all hell-bent on making these illegals, government dependents , just as they’ve done with so many black Americans — keep the populace poor, uneducated and dependent on “free stuff” and increase the Socialist Democrat voting base.  If this weren’t fact, and the Democrats had any inkling that these illegals would become thinking Republicans or worse yet, Conservatives, they’d close the border so fast, that even a “La Cucaracha” couldn’t get through.

Here’s another example of a murder.  This one by an illegal “child”  . . .  of a 5-year-old.

Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat Party must take some responsibility.  George W. Bush attempted to stop these illegals, and had very good success.  The Fence was being built — when Obama halted construction. According to Border Agents, illegal influx dropped by 95%! . . . before Obama’s policy.  His policy of literally inviting illegals to come here with no repercussions.  Not for them anyway.

There will be many more Americans murdered, raped, robbed or assaulted before Obama is forced out of office.  But even one more should be intolerable for Americans.  Demand Obama and the Democrats close the border down tight.  They won’t, of course, but they will hear us.

Our Agents have been instructed to do little to nothing, to stop illegals.  These illegal, foreign kids are welcomed as if  . . . they were Democrat voters.  All while are Agents are attacked and murdered by illegals.  Insanity that no one is doing anything about.

border agents attacked1

border agents attacked2border agents attacked



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