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Why Do Reporters And Television Shows Regurgitate The False, Unprovable Theory Of “Evolution” ?

evolution“Is It Too Much To Ask That Reporters Understand Evolution?”

……. article in the Dallas Morning News — which, ironically, was discussing the debate over creationism — opened with this sentence:

“Most scientists believe Darwin got it right: Single-celled creatures evolved into complex ones, a process of natural selection and genetic adaptation that over eons turned a primordial swamp into shape-shifting cells, into ape-like primates, into people.”

Another personal favorite of mine appeared last December in the Washington Times:

“Just about a third of Americans say the notion of human evolution — that people formed over a period of time from apes, or fish, or the like — is ridiculous, a survey from the Pew Research Center found.”   People formed over a period of time from apes, or fish, or the like? That’s barely a step better than Mrs. Garrison’s lesson on evolution in South Park.  here

Is it too much to ask that reporters understand evolution? umm, that would be a yes.  The reason being is that we’ve allowed our schools from pre-K through college, to be corrupted with Liberalism (liberalism being a term to describe secularist as well as socialist, communist and many other ‘ist).  When a society doesn’t continually support that which is right and correct, the vacuum which follows will be filled with secularism, liberalism and all the et cetera’s.

American’s have allowed ourselves to be bullied and brainwashed into believing “separation of church and states” means, Christians or those believing in a creator God, are to be silenced and that their belief’s and related ideas, removed from schools and public office. That is not what it means.  As has been shown, lollygagging around and minding our own business is not always best the course.  Christians, or religious people, weren’t told to be silent and compliant with evil forces, but to preach the Word, live the Word and stand up for the Word.  Maybe most importantly, is to teach it to our children, so  sub-sequential generations wouldn’t be ’empty minded’ and filled the with foolishness of the world.

The term bandied about by Liberals, “most scientist”,  should immediate throw up a red global liesflag on any topic.  These people, the glorious scientist, are not deity.  I dare say, most deny real Deity, choosing to accept their personal beliefs as intellectually godliness ( not all of course:  here)

“Most scientist” is a term used by Liberals to promote their agenda of “man-made global warming”… cooling or whatever it is this year, and it’s not even provable.  It’s not even ‘science’ –“a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws”.

What ‘man made climate change’, as well as evolution are, is just another liberal driven theory, used to control the population through strict government rules, regulations and laws. Neither of these 2 example can’t be proved in a laboratory or anywhere else — because they’re a fabricated lie.

I’m fully aware that the majority discredit the Bible as they personally reject the saving grace through Jesus Christ.  But I don’t believe it’s always been so. Not that theoriesthe majority reject Christ, they do, the Bible tells us that.  But in America, we once had a moral base of ‘religious people’, who at least believed in a form of godliness and morality in our behavior and beliefs.  The idea that a reporter would report such foolishness as fact, would have been outright rejected.

Watching something as simply as Animal Planet or Discovery, preach this Liberal agenda, is beyond annoyed.  Informed people understand it’s detrimental to our society’s well-being.  These Liberals say, the earth is 20 millions years old (give or take a few million), inserting their propaganda ideology into shows about fish in the ocean.  I grumble and switch channels . . . but how many millions of young minds have heard this regurgitation and accept it as truth? It has been preached in schools as if it were fact, for way too many decades!  And obviously too many of our youth have fallen prey to the work of the work of the devil himself.





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  1. I 53:5 Project
    August 29, 2014

    Evolution is reported as a fact because, if its not, secular humanism falls apart.

    Not that many reporters don’t know otherwise, their allegiance is to the state, not to God.

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