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Obama’s “Dysfunctional Congress” Conundrum — “Of Obama, By Obama and For Obama”.

bo_louisXVI_fullOur soon to be Former President, Barack Hussein Obama, has for his entire presidency, complained and whined about “Congress”. . . . Congress being transformed into a word meaning “Republicans only”.

His goal, of course, is to present himself as blameless in the crisis and corruption he is causing and point a finger at his “political enemy”, Republicans.  He’s counting on the majority of people, the “low information voters” in particular found on the Democrat side, and the corrupt, biased news media, to agree with him.  ‘Poor little Obama can’t help America, due to the inaction of the mean, nasty Republicans.’  That is the narrative.

It is beyond a lie.  It obfuscates what our Constitution has mandated:  divided government to keep power out of one branch.  Our Founders intentionally didn’t want a government of one man, one rule . . . no kings or dictators allowed.  But when Obama goes around Congress, he is intentionally ignoring the Constitution (which he well knows) so he, the self-appointed Grand Ruler, may do as he pleases.  And he has. . .  done whatever scheme and illegality, he’s wanted.

He and the radicalized Democrats, have done more harm to the nation and Constitution than anyone since Democrat Franklin Roosevelt.  The Constitution, which limits powers of all Presidents, impedes their socialist goals of Democrats, for American people.

These radicals want one rule — their rule, to do as they want with law.  They have, thus far, succeeded.  American’s ignored the warnings on this Marxist Obama and foolishly, ignorantly and evilly, reelected him and his corrupt, Marxist’s cronies.  From the (former) Justice Department, through the IRS, EPA and other Obama lead alphabet soup bureaucracies, our government has fallen.  No longer “of the people, by the people, and for the people”.  It has warped and twisted into “Of Obama, By Obama and For Obama”.

May God continue to show us mercy.


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  1. Gunny G
    August 28, 2014

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