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CNN’s “Rush To Judgment” Might Show Them Up For Fools Once Again

Was CNN pranked yet again by that infamous Howard Stern show fan, Captain Janks aka Tom Cipriano, when they played an audio of a sexy online chat with ten shots going off in the background supposedly in Ferguson, MO at the same time as the Michael Brown shooting? If so, it would be far from the first time that Captain Janks easily pranked CNN which is so desperate for ratings that vetting their sources is low/no priority. . . . experts appearing on CNN are now casting aspersions as to the authenticity of that audio and suspect it could be the result of a Howard Stern fan prank:

“Credit CNN f . . . co-host Michaela Pereira interviewed two law enforcement experts who expressed strong doubts about the authenticity of a purported audiotape of the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown Jr. on Aug. 9 in Ferguson, Mo. Former LAPD cop David Klinger, when asked about the tape, said, “I’ve told your producers that for all I know this is something that one of Howard Stern’s punk people have been doing…I don’t have a high degree of confidence in it…I look at this and my first inclination is that someone is trying to punk CNN.”  Then came CNN law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes: “When I heard this yesterday, I thought the exact same thing — it’s a hoax.”  Read more: here

The other day, I too heard this audio played as “breaking news” on both radio and TV.  My first thought was:

1.  WHO would continue any conservation (this sounded like a booty call) when gun shots were heard right outside!?

2.  Then, knowing about all the turmoil and race hustling going on, in and around Ferguson, Missouri, how would you ever authentic where that was ‘recorded’ or even if it were ‘manufactured’?  I dismissed it as a fraud.  I imagine most thinking people did as well.

Daryl Parks

Attorney Daryl Parks rush to judgment

It was also not at all surprising, that some so-called, prominent “black leaders” (an attorney who must know better) came out decrying that this was “more evidence” that the cop lied and “assassinated” big pooh bear, Michael Brown.

The man I saw on TV was Daryl Parks, who was convinced of this “evidence”.  I believed all he’s actually convinced of is yet another opportunity to appear on televisions and having his name thrown about as he drums up more business as a race hustling, per-judging fool.  What a shame.

CNN has long-lost it’s credibility.  Sadly, most of our American media has.  We no longer have many “reporters” who investigate before reporting . . . they all seem to reply on hearsay and rumors, which have no verification. They’re unconcerned with facts, much less the truth, in their lust to be the first to report some nonsense, repeated on the street, by people know nothing except a local rumor.

This is, most likely, what has happened in Ferguson — just as it did in Florida’s Trayvon – Zimmerman incident.  Rumors, almost always those supporting “the black community” and the Liberal driven agenda, are reported as facts.  This spreads, catches fire and before we know it, buffoonish, race hustlers like Al Sharpton are on the scene demanding “justice!!” . . . . .  which translate in the real word as Media Attention and Personal Wealth.




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