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What Is The Difference Between The “Tea Party” and The Republicans?

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I actually saw this question from a fellow blogger and thought about addressing it. Unfortunately, the differences are great and we, as Conservatives, should be aware.  Simply voting for any Republican, isn’t the answer.

The Republican Party, as a whole entity, has become much more the Democrat Party of 60 or 70 years ago.  Believe it or not, there was a time, when even the Democrats believed in Constitutional constrains, and why they jointed in putting a halt to FDR’s attempt to control the Supreme Court.

socialist Sanders

Socialist Bernie Sanders, voting with Democrats to create a Socialist control America

But now, the Democrat Party is a Socialist driven political Party, which came into full glory with the ascension of Barack Hussein Obama, who is a Marxist. And like most American Marxist’s, he hides the fact that he is a socialist loving, anti-American.  Any Democrat, who spoke honestly about what the believed and wanted to achieve, would never get elected. Exception is: Bernie Sanders of  Vermont — Lord only knows what’s wrong with the voters of Vermont! Bernie Sanders is a self-described Democrat Socialist here) But the majority of Democrats hide behind cute words and phrase, to conceal who they are.  Terms like “Liberal” or “obama misery indexProgressive” and that they’re for the “working people”, a term used by Communist.  Who isn’t for people who work?!  Honestly, Democrats who under the Obama regime, have grown the non- working, under class!  Hundreds of thousands more ‘government dependent’ Americans, via Welfare, Food Stamps, Unemployment benefits, etc., instead of allowing capitalism to create jobs and personal wealth.

The Republican Party is currently weak, lead by weak, timid men, who haven’t the courage or inner fortitude to stand up for the Constitution, the rule of Law or the oath they swore to uphold.  Not all, of course, but the leaders are a disaster — like Boehner and Mitchell.  There are real Conservatives: Sen. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.  One man who’s gotten a lot of attention, is not a Conservative — Sen. Rand Paul is a Libertarian and disses conservatives as often as he supports them, as did his father, Ron Paul.

The “tea party”:  “On December 16th, 2007, supporters of Ron Paul staged a re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party as a fundraiser event…. This event coincided with the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. This was seen as a major upset to the Republican GOP establishment….
The tea party movement grew exponentially in magnitude in February 2009; however, while Rick Santelli’s famous impassioned speech on CNBC was perhaps the most visible spark that ignited Tea Party gatherings across the nation, the movement’s genesis was in progress long before that notable day.”  terrific information found:  here

I credit Santelli for coining the term… he was on live TV when he did so.  Shockingly, I don’t believe he was fired for publicly endorsing and supporting reduced government tea partyspending.  After all, it was CNBC.

This ‘grass roots organization’ is made up of ordinary Americans, fed up with massive government spending and an out of control government, like the IRS.

They began organizing under GWB, although the Democrats and corrupt ‘news media’ called all ‘tea party’ participants “racist” in an evil attempt to degrade Americans who were against government’s over spending under Obama.  They’ve continued to make their voices heard, backing candidates who want to curtail spending and get back to the constructs of our Constitution.  Again, something Democrats and many fools in the Republican Party, hate.

The “tea party” isn’t a party, political or otherwise.  Just American’s with a common cause, trying to make America better.  They not only have to fight biased, lying Liberals and Democrats, but many within the Republican Party, who like John Boehner, mock and ridicule all they do.

The Republican Party has lost its way . . . in too many ways, they’ve become big government loving spenders, lusting after the power and wealth attached to public office.  These people used to be called RINO’s (Republican in name only).  Now, I think they simply are the who they are — Liberal and Liberal Like, who’ve destroyed the Republican Party’s beliefs in smaller government and Constitutional principles. This is the reason they need to be replaced by Constitutional Conservatives whenever possible.

I hope, and pray, the Tea Party will continue to have success.  It might take a long time, with all the damage done to America by the Socialist Democrats and weak Republicans, but we have children and grandchildren to consider.  I want them to have the country I grew up in.




One comment on “What Is The Difference Between The “Tea Party” and The Republicans?

  1. nanarhonda
    August 28, 2014

    Thank you, RightyPunditry, for explaining that. I know that my Republican Congressman Paul Ryan believes in smaller government, less government intrusion, and holding these government departments accountable.

    I understood that TEA Party stood for Taxed Enough Already… and I totally support the movement. i know that Sarah Palin is a major supporter of the TEA Party. I have a lot of respect for her. She is able to speak well and answer questions without teleprompters!

    I know that a lot of Republicans have sold out to the lobbyists. Monsanto is a big one. And I agree with your assessment of the Democratic Party has swung so far that it is now socialist and they don’t even know it!

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question as I’m sure it was me who asked it! I appreciate your posts very much and i learn so much from you every day! God bless you!

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