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Burger King: I Hope You Do Have It Your Way

bkYet another American company is aiming to move its headquarters out of the country.

International fast food behemoth Burger King Worldwide Inc. confirmed Tuesday that it will pay about $11 billion to buy Canadian chain Tim Hortons Inc., which sells coffee, donuts, and other breakfast food fare. The deal would merge America’s second-largest burger chain, which is valued at nearly $10 billion…..  It would also move the new company’s headquarters to Canada, where corporate taxes are significantly lower.  here

Burger King, which is owned by a Brazilian conglomerate and thus not officially an “American company”, Mr. Obama, might be moving it’s headquarters out of the United States.  They would not be the first company, nor the lasts, to get out by necessity.

A few weeks ago, Walgreen pondered moving headquarters out the country, but unfortunately, fell victim to greedy, anti- capitalism Liberals and rescinded their idea.  But the reason companies are wanting to flee America is:  Barack Hussein Obama and the Socialist Democrat Party.

corp taxesAmerican corporate taxes are the highest in the world, under this regime.  Greedy Democrats love to punish business, accumulated personal wealth (except THEIR OWN) and personal achievement… all while they brag how they love “the working people”.  (upchuck)  This is the reason we see our anti- American Barack, continually maligning companies who considering relocating, as “Unpatriotic!!”.  Sir, if anyone is unpatriotic, it’s you and your Democrat cohorts in fiscal crime.

I’m sick of being ‘legally’ robbed by government and I don’t have a business to run.  Americans are fleeing the states of California and New York, because of State government greed.  Many are relocating headquarters to Texas which has no State Income Tax.  Walgreen’s and Burger King can’t relocate to another State — they are being forced to relocated in another nation!

Vote our Liberals.  Remove Democrats from office.  We, as a free people, won’t be free much longer under oppressive Liberal ideology.  Nor will we have any money.




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