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Glenn Beck Calls “Conservatives” Opposed To “Illegals” As “P*****”

phony conservative beck

Phony Conservative Glenn Beck denounces and criticizes real Constitutional Conservatives

Glenn Beck was bashing Americans opposed to illegal immigration, decrying partisan politics, and positioning himself toward the center just as he was reportedly trying to strike a deal to get his programming on CNN.  During that interview, Stelter said industry sources have said that major cable networks are reluctant to pick up Beck’s network because “there’s no other must-see TV on the channel.” However, Stelter’s line of questioning revealed that industry executives may be hesitant to make deals with someone who once referred to President Barack Obama as a racist and accused Obama of having problems with white people.

Stelter also praised Beck for how “you evolve your views” and “change your mind” on issues, and Beck mentioned that he does so after various “pivot points.” Beck also suggested that those opposed to giving soccer balls to illegal immigrant juveniles – nearly 90% of whom, according to Pew Research, are teenagers – were “pusses.” He even said that conservatives and citizens should not worry about the illegal immigrant gangsters – many of whom have raped and murdered Americans – who are coming across the border. here

I knew there was a reason to stop watching Beck when he left FNC.  He had begun to introduce  Mormon ideology to back up his dialogue; and being a Christian, I realized that Mormons are way off track, spiritually. I am a bit surprised at his rant against American law and those citizens who want to follow that law and the Constitution . . . all perhaps for “fitly lucre”?

A warped and spiritually lost mind will turn to Liberalism; but considering the circumstance of Beck’s foolish, ill-conceived comments, it might have more to do with his desire to get back on CNN and bigger money.  I could be wrong.  But obviously, he’s turned his back on conservative principles, which he at least pretended to hold not long ago.

Illegals, regardless of age, race, accent, skin tone or home of origin are simply breaking American law.  All the newest invaders, should be exported out of the country, but as we know with these lawless Liberals in D.C and their lust for an increased government dependents, who are the newest Democrat voting base — there’s no chance Obama will deport or return. Unfortunately, way too many weak-kneed Republican haven’t the inter fortitude or character to stand on principle, much less uphold the law.

Barack Hussein Obama and those he appointed in his regime, have proved themselves to be either “racist” or prejudice toward white Americans — something which doesn’t belong in any government.  And Beck as “evolved” and seen the ‘err of his ways’?  Baloney.  It appears he’s simply crossed over to the dark side of Liberalism, choosing to believe he’s doing “good works” by greeting illegals and welcoming them to a taxpayer dependent life, through their illegal actions.

Many if not most of these “kids” are teen, soon to be of voting age.  They’re also gang members and have committed horrendous crimes, according to Border Agents. Anyone bragging about committing several murders, isn’t interested in coming to America for a Teddy bear.

Wishing to help people is one thing.  Slandering and name calling those who want our laws upheld, is quite another, Mr. Beck.  You lose.


2 comments on “Glenn Beck Calls “Conservatives” Opposed To “Illegals” As “P*****”

  1. ConnieD.@TastingAndACritic
    August 26, 2014

    So glad I’m not the only one who sees Beck for what he really is (or isn’t). Beck loses. Amen.

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    • RightyPunditry
      August 26, 2014

      I was disappointed … at least at his gnarly comments regarding Conservatives. So done with him. He’s like too many R’s — phony. Thanks for the comment.

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