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Black “Activist” Says Obama Is “Disgusting” — At Least He’s Finally Correct About Something

cornel westTuesday …. political activist Cornel West hammered President Barack Obama on his reaction to the Michael Brown case calling it “disgusting.”  West pointed out the president put out a statement on the death of actor Robin Williams days before he addressed the Brown death.

West railed against the president saying, “His words reek of political calculation rather than moral conviction.”  …”I just think it’s disgusting. It’s disgusting to have a black president unable to keep track about what’s going on among the young black youth or any poor youth.”

Hammering the “low quality black leadership in America.” West then went after Al Sharpton as “an apologist for the Obama administration” who sweeps into these crisis for photo-ops not justice.” full story:  here

I agree with this disagreeable Liberal on one point . . . Obama is “disgusting” but I’ll leave out the connection to his half black parentage.  He’s just plain disgusting due to his radical, fascist agenda.

I disagree that Obama should have inserted himself into this ongoing investigation by even speaking about the Brown death. He also had no business sending his cohort in crime, the equally racist political bigot Eric Holder, to Missouri . . .  along with the unnecessary forty (that would be yes, 40!) FBI agents.  This matter should be left up to the local and State authorities, who granted, might not be doing the best job.  But that’s likely due to the fact that they’re liberal Democrats, who are never political accomplished.  Allowing vandals and looters to vandalize and loot was beyond stupid . . . it was liberal stupid.  The kind of stupid that allows terrorist to go unchallenged because you think you can make ‘friends’ with barbarians instead of annihilating them.  This is also why Liberals make terrible parents — indulgence replace discipline.

Cornel West is a radical Liberal like Obama and his scurrilous regime.  West simply has a far worse hair cut and lacks the finances to visit an orthodontist, or so it seems.  He, like all Liberals, is wrong in all he believes.  But he is correct that Barack Hussein is disgusting.  Now, if he could just find a barber and orthodontist. . .  but maybe ‘obamacare’ is making that too expensive.




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