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Black Man Murders White Police Officer — Riots Didn’t Follow

murdered white cop

Carl Le’Ellis Blount, 25, of Gary, was arrested the same day Officer Jeffrey Westerfield

One of three people arrested soon after the slaying of a Gary police officer has been charged in the officer’s death, authorities said.  Carl Le’Ellis Blount, 25, of Gary, was arrested the same day Officer Jeffrey Westerfield was killed as he sat in his patrol car July 6…..  Westerfield, 47, was found by a motorist, slumped in his car.

(Eric) Holder is busy investigating NYPD Officers, Sharpton is busy counting his cash. Funny thing their not around on the violence taking place here either. One would think as community leaders they should be on the front line.” full story: here

white officer murdered by black manWhere’s the looting?  Where’s the violence, threats and Molotov cocktails?  Where are the chants that Carl Le’Ellis Blount be killed?  Cooler minds prevail . . . . . perhaps it’s associated with the skin tone?  Or perhaps it’s simply not the way rational, civilized people behave. 

We have a Justice system.  Most people in America seem to be willing to wait on justice to prevail.

Those people who aren’t willing to wait on our system to move forward, are those who have some political agenda.  People like Obama, Holder, Sharpton and Jackson, who don’t believe in letting a useful, race driven chaos, go to waste.  After all, there’s money to be made (Jesse Jackson made a financial plea for donation at a ‘rally’ in Ferguson… he was booed).  And those voted waiting to be confiscated. Political Theater is the goal of devout Democrats and theater they do love.

We won’t hear Barack Hussein saying “If I had a son…. friend, he’d look like Jeffrey Westerfield”  You won’t hear our (former) Justice Department AG Holder flying into Gary, Indiana to bring calm and tell the folks there what a ‘tragedy took place at the killing of this sweet black white boy’.

Just as we don’t hear these same race mongers denounce the murder of “black on black”crimes in Chicago . . . they bring no political or financial benefit.  The fact is, since 2001, over 5000 “black on black” murders have taken place in Chicago alone.  It gets little to no reporting on the news or recognition from the Race Hustlers In Chief’s.

When white people are murdered by black, we don’t see riots, marches are chants of “no justice no peace” or “death” to anyone.  No silly theatrics. There is usually prayer and supplication for God’s grace for the victims and their families. Where someone, or several someones, to call protesting foolsfor prayer, home Bible readings and God’s grace for all the people involved in the Ferguson shooting, calmer minds would have prevailed.

Put down your hands of hate and lift them up towards God’s grace.  Ask God, not for your personal view of “justice”, but His peace.  Justice is after all, in His hands.


6 comments on “Black Man Murders White Police Officer — Riots Didn’t Follow

  1. zip
    August 19, 2014

    The commie Regime is sending ‘Chicago thugs’ there to put logs on the fire along with escalating the ‘mob emotional outburst’. Just like the staged Boston Marathon bombers (compliments of FBI), this is being used to being about the another step in their ‘confine and control’ plan. Here’s a good resource for info on this and the push for war: http://x22report.com/central-bankersus-government-agenda-for-the-people-of-america-martial-law-episode-444/#more-32064


    • RightyPunditry
      August 19, 2014

      There in no call to sent in the in-Justice Dept. Typical of Obama.


  2. zobop republic
    August 19, 2014

    Hello. I don’t know if You’ll agree with my point of view but here goes. The reason why whites don’t riot in the street is because they know their social group will get justice for whatever happened. Black citizens are all too aware the justice system is biased against them. [No justice.]

    There used to be a time in America when whites did riot; they were called “lynch mobs”. Black citizens may be ruining their own communities but I don’t see Blacks lynching anyone. But that’s just my opinion.

    Thanks for your moderation.


    • RightyPunditry
      August 19, 2014

      Yes, there was a time long, long ago, which I almost mentioned, But it’s 2014, not 1914 or 1814.. I also hear and listen to the reasonable black American, like Kevin Jackson (for one), who agree with me. The blacks in that community to not KNOW FACTS; and when the facts all come out, I feel it will support the cops side of things. But, regardless, going into vandalizing and mob activity, behaving as terrorist is UNCALLED for. No one is “lyning” anyone anymore… except the New Black Panthers, who have called for the murders of the (so far innocent) policeman and Mr. Zimmerman. Who’s in tshe wrong here? T
      hank you for you comment!


  3. Jason
    August 19, 2014

    He was charged and arrested the same day. Who would riot? Cop is getting justice. Proves the rioters point.

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    • RightyPunditry
      August 19, 2014

      He was arrested because of evidence — there is no “evidence” in Ferguson to even suggest the cop committed a crime. There is that Brown did. Again, there is NO need for ridiculous, foolish, out of controlled behavior by the mob mentality in Ferguson. So far 12 witness have BACK THE COPS STORY. — not the story of Brown friend in crime. Rioters have no point, except hate, violence and theft.


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