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West: “Obama a danger to the United States who is devoid of character, integrity, and courage”

westAllen West Goes on Epic Rant Against Obama… It’s Going Viral
August 16, 2014

“West has called Obama a danger to the United States who is devoid of character, integrity, and courage. He’s also called the president a disgrace and, more than once, accused him of treason. In fact, the former Florida representative says that both the Affordable Care Act and the current crisis of illegal immigration were orchestrated by Obama to undermine America’s foundational freedoms.

Now, reacting to news of the massacre of 90 Iraqis by the barbaric terrorists of the Islamic State, West says Obama is an “inhumane coward.” here

Congressman West is a man of courage and integrity…. and most likely why he lost his election in Florida.  Too many people avoid those with political character, willing to ‘speak truth’ to power.   They’re too fearful of the consequences.  But the facts also remain that at commie poster workersleast in part, he lost because Democrats redrew Districts to make it easier for a Democrat to win his Congressional seat.

He has referred to some in Congress as “secret communistic” — are we supposed to be shocked?  They are communist or socialist, even fascist who lust for power as they yammer about supporting “the working class”.   Which by the way, is a Communist slogan.  Oh, but we can’t offend the delicate sensibilities of these Congressmen or offend a voter with the truth, now can we?

Obama has been and still is a “danger” to the United States — look what he’s allowing at our borders.  Floods of illegals who’ve committed criminal acts, rape, murder, theft… as well as men from all Middle Eastern countries.  TB, scabies… ISIS?  He tramples our Constitution and sues Americans for defending their rights.  He forced “obamacare” on an unwilling citizenship and lies to Americans continually:  all are Impeachable offenses.

Obama is more than a danger.  He’s an evil danger, undermining the Foundation of our government, our nation and our lives.

I still admire Cong. West.  He’s the sort of man we need in government.  I hope he’ll run for office again.  Texas takes kinder to good, Conservative Representatives than evidently, Florida does.  And Texas has room for one more.




2 comments on “West: “Obama a danger to the United States who is devoid of character, integrity, and courage”

  1. nanarhonda
    August 16, 2014

    Reblogged this on My Soapbox and commented:
    Better said than I could put it! Lt. Col. Allen West is an upright, honorable black man unlike our POTUS who is dishonorable, lying, hiding, half black and half Caucasian yet draws out the Race Card when the heat gets turned up. Him and AG Eric Holder, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton are all guilty of treason, IMO.


  2. nanarhonda
    August 16, 2014

    Again, you put it into words much better than I could. I admire you ability to speak out. Lt. Col. Allen West would be our true first black president should he run for office! POTUS is half Kenyan and half Caucasian and pulls out the Race Card when the heat gets turned up and if it isn’t him, its AG Eric Holder. Treason is RIGHT! But it includes more than POTUS! It includes AG Holder, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton!

    I reblogged this as you have done a better job than I could have done! I am SO glad to know you!


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