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Melissa Harris Perry Is A Tiring Race Mongering Idiot

big mouth melissa perryIn relation to last weeks controversy and protests surrounding the police fatally shooting Michael Brown, Saturday MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry made the argument that black men in America are still being treated as they were when slavery was still legal in large sections of the United States of America. here

I’m so increasingly weary of these radical bigots, who are so full of hatred and stupidity, I don’t know how they find their way to whatever bar they frequent.  And the fake ‘news network’ MSNBC is filled with little else other than these fools, like Perry (I’ll drop her daddy’s name) and Al less-than- Sharpton.  They’re nothing more than cheap ‘race hustlers’, who love to create more chaos.

The ‘protestors’ in Missouri had little to nothing to do with the death of Brown and much more to do with their own hatred of: cops, authority and white people in general —  and their love for TV cameras, self-importance and committing crimes- with- no- consequences.  Sensible, sane and mature people will wait for the investigation instead of behaving like animals on Shark Week.

Wearing a shirt saying, “No Justice No Peace” sounds more like a terrorist statement than anything coming from a concerned friend, family or neighbor.  This isn’t 1870.  Give Justice a chance before burning down your neighborhood and destroying your local shop owners business.  After all, he’s simply an innocent bystander, a victim…  to your evil ways.

Ferguson, Missouri is looking more like Benghazi, than America.  Fools like Melissa H Perry are part of the problem, always decrying what a racist country this is, because it suites her sick liberal agenda.  She makes me ill — her and the fools like her.  She should try something useful like either:

1.  Shutting up!

2.  Not being part of the problem.  Call for calm, peace.. tell people to go home and pray and seek God’s guidance and justice, instead of violence.

But that’s not what Melissa Harris Perry is ever about.  She is the quintessential intolerant, biased Liberal she claims others to be.  She is shameful and owns America and apology.


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