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Riots? Theft? Can’t These Black Males Do Better Than That? Where’s The Respect?

thugsThe mother of a black teenager from suburban St. Louis who was shot to death by police over the weekend begged for non-violence on Monday in the wake of riots, as the FBI opened a probe into the racially charged case.  Michael Brown, 18, was shot to death in the mostly black suburb of Ferguson, Missouri on Saturday afternoon here

I’ll say straight out that there’s no evidence that this shooting had anything to do with race, racism, prejudice or bigotry.  I can’t say the same about the intellectual morons, self- entitled thugs who created a riot and stole property from innocent shop owners.  Who’s more at fault here?

One shop owner, whose store was vandalized by these mental midgets, had a most of his inventory stolen and windows smashed by these thugs.  He also said he had some neighbor black young men show up at his store, apologize for what these the intellectual moron’s had done (since it “reflects badly on all of us”) and helped him clean up.

Have these young men made the news?  Has our dear leader Obama, made a phone call to them in appreciation?  Or has he subsequently ‘adopted’ another black youth, whom he didn’t know and referred to him as, “if I had a son, he’d look like ‘Michael Brown’ (or fill in the blank).  Most likely not.  Not much attention will be paid to those who did the right thing and were ashamed of what some of ‘their race’ did.

This is disgusting.  Tragic that this young man was accidentally killed.  Disgusting that those pretending to care one way or the other, used his death to spew out hatred toward strangers and exhibit their racism toward “white” people.  Who raised these bigots?

This was talked about on the news media today, TV and talk radio.  One rather irate black woman called in some radio show and harangued about ‘black this and black that’.  “You people…” this and “you people” that, has she ranted on how tough the blacks have it and bemoaned “white privilege”.   Clearly, she was a racist in denial.  The talk show host called her on it — she was an embarrassment to herself, as were the St. Louis thugs.  All too stupid to realize it. . .  because of their pride in prejudice towards people with a lighter skin tone.  So asinine.

I hear people like her all the time.  Even run up against a few.  Pathetic souls who feel validated to spit hatred toward “whitey” around like a tennis ball.  They were born and live in a country which fought against itself and won freedom for black slaves (by the way, this was done and achieved by mostly political Republicans, not Democrats, who were for slavery).  And now descendent of these people live in a country which is filled with opportunity to succeed, own property and become Supreme Court Judges.  And yet, we still here the most ignorant, lazy and ungrateful whine about “white” people and “white privilege”.  Grown up and educated yourself.

The black female caller is no better than the pathetic thugs who rioted and stole.  It had nothing to do with the shooting of Michael Brown, but with their own entitlement thinking, that they can do whatever they want because they feel sorry for themselves.. and we should to.  They’re black and we must understand their hatred and selfish ways.  Grown up and educated yourself.

I hope these useless fools, listen to Brown’s Mother.  Those black men showed Michael Brown and his family horrendous disrespect by your selfish actions, so shame on you and all the people like you.  Jumping to radical conclusion is done by fools and those with a personal agenda.  Which are you?


2 comments on “Riots? Theft? Can’t These Black Males Do Better Than That? Where’s The Respect?

  1. zip
    August 12, 2014

    Whatever it takes to bring in ‘martial law’ they’ll support! Some of the black community are as bothered about this as we are … no matter the ‘race’ it’s a human race problem = sin nature. And this Regime feeds that nature. ‘It’s easy to sell sin.” It sells.
    Here’s something you might find interesting: http://instigatornews.com/researcher-links-barack-obama-1975-weather-underground-protest/


    • RightyPunditry
      August 14, 2014

      It’s so pathetic that ppl can’t protest in peace — then ppl listen. Using riots and theft for a ‘personal vendetta’ so vile.


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