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Political Compromise Is An Abandonment Of Principle — For Those Who Have Them

compromiseIt’s time to revisit the widely disseminated myth that compromise in politics and governance is the highest virtue.  Recently, I heard a television host whom I like and respect lament that Congress left town without taking action on our border crisis. Members of Congress, the argument goes, just need to get together, put aside their partisanship and get something done.

How do you compromise with someone who doesn’t even share your goals and who has no intention of compromising with you, even if he pretends otherwise? President Obama arguably brought on this (illegal alien)  invasion himself by issuing his lawless executive order in 2012 declaring that he would stop deporting young illegal immigrants if they met certain requirements.   Read more at here

If you pay attention, you’ll hear the liberal controlled ‘news’ media, continually clamoring for  compromise for the esteemed sake of “getting something done”…. this is always directed at Republicans.  You never hear the same demands on Democrats — to ‘compromise’ on their wants.

Liberal/ Democrats constantly redefine the meaning of words to suit their political agenda.  Compromise is currently redefined to mean: doing what a Democrat wants.  When you don’t, they say you hate something or someone and are refusing “to work together” and “get something done”.

As for ‘compromise’ (a highly over glamorized idea), how does a person of principle compromise on say, abortion?  If you believe it’s the killing of innocent, defenseless life, how do you compromise?  How do you agree it’s OK to abort this baby up to ‘x’ number of weeks?  You don’t, unless you forsake your principles or personal religious beliefs.

So how do you compromise on set Law?  It’s illegal, an unlawful act, for anyone to come over America’s borders without permission — which is the same as with all other countries.  There are penalties and deportation for such illegal activity.  Many laws much harsher than ours.  If you don’t think so, read Mexico’s constitution on illegal immigrants!

Our Immigration Law isn’t “broken” as so many wayward, liberal controlled politicians and phony journalist like to recite.  It’s simple not enforced.  And under the current Obama regime, it’s absolutely not enforced.  Ask any Border Agent.  And after Obama’s announcement he would change the law himself (illegally), he was intentionally inviting a mass influx of illegals to live off of America citizens taxes.

What are Republicans or Conservatives to do?  Obama’s (and Democrat’s) demands, and they are always ‘demands’, is to do what he wants, when he wants, how he wants… and in this instance, it was more money.  Money won’t fix the problem’s he’s created, but it would give him another slush fund for the next election.  He and the Democrats aren’t looking for solutions — which would be enforcing the current law!

How would those politicians, whose job is to care about America FIRST, support any compromise on just giving Barack Hussein money to fix a massive illegal problem?  A very small amount ( a few million ) to be spent this year, to make sure these illegals had American supplied, free lawyers to ensure they could stay here.  That’s not law enforcement.  That’s treason.

Compromise is caving in on principles, which politicians were elected to stand up for. To compromise is very tricky and means there would have to be losers on both sides. Or, we learn to elect politicians who principles mean standing up for what is best for the American public . . .  and not their reelection goals, radical liberal ideology and opposing our Constitution.  All politicians take an other to “uphold the law” until Congress agrees on changes the public wants.

We should wisely get over the false idea that ‘compromise’ is somehow sanctified and holy in and of itself.  If not done wisely, considering the best interest of Americans, it’s simply selling out, a form of political prostitution.

7 comments on “Political Compromise Is An Abandonment Of Principle — For Those Who Have Them

  1. Gunny G
    August 8, 2014
  2. Paul H. Lemmen
    August 8, 2014

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  3. zip
    August 8, 2014

    That’s what termites say too when they look at a house, “Let’s get something done!”
    This mindset reminds me of Nimrod thinking – the ‘collective’ banding together to make the tower reach into Heaven, ‘take what isn’t ours.” Lusts of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life, all working together to fulfill the LIE program and sinful appetites (which doesn’t have ‘enough’ or ‘satisfied’ in it’s vocabulary).


    • RightyPunditry
      August 8, 2014

      makes no sense that a comment says to check Folder goes through and the other does not. Getting tired of this. Checking Spam 8 times today alone.

      “getting some done” was probably on Satan’s tshirt….. but the tactic works with low info folk and we seem to be getting more. And IMPORTING them as Dems find necessary.
      thanks for the faithful comments.


  4. zip
    August 8, 2014

    Please check you spam folder again!


    • zip
      August 8, 2014

      Thanks RP.
      Some people who read Revelation might think Christ coming back to claim what’s His as a harsh way to do it, but just like when God told certain Kings (by His Prophets) to whip out a group, everyone, even their livestock, God knew that the disease was too far gone and there was no other way.
      When we ‘see’ what’s going on we can understand that His wrath is more of a cleansing – and we sure need that! Plus a whole new Ruler who is Righteous and Just!
      ~ I wonder if you contact WP if they can do something to correct their spam filter – getting thru though might be frustrating … maybe not. Let’s see if this one goes thru!


      • RightyPunditry
        August 8, 2014

        I agree on your Bible assertions.
        Haven’t been able to find a way to contact WP. Whatever changes they made, suck. I tried to ‘loosen’ Spam grab, Hasn’t helped.


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