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TV Show “Black Jesus” Laughing “With” The Son Of God Not “At” Him

blackjesusOffense is subjective–I can’t tell someone whether to feel disrespected by Black Jesus, and as a nonbeliever I’d be a hypocrite to try. There’s an argument that the fact that someone makes a religious spoof, knowing believers might be offended, is de facto disrespectful of those believers. . . . .

A lot of the first episode plays like a sketch-show bit that drags on too long, tees up giant stereotypes and goes for easy “Wouldn’t it be funny if Jesus did ____” gags.  Johnson ….  plays Jesus as an expansive, wide-armed fountain of love, who exudes goodness even when he gets pissed off, because that’s who he is: “I still love your bitch ass! By default, too!”  full article: here

I must admit I was stunned to run across this, especially since I hadn’t heard a murmur about this so-called TV “comedy”.  That could be for many reasons — like backlash, boycotts and a slew of unwanted emails to the show creators and network? And by the way, this production is on some cable network called Adult Swim. . . . sounds like real completion for A & E, USA or HBO, does it not?

Unfortunately there might be an audience for such a rather disgusting TV show, albeit extremely small and limited.  This is 2014 America, which is officially in decline in many ways.  And American’s have seemingly accepted frontal nudity and soft porn on many TV shows, even those in the “family hour”.  Our language has fallen into the gutter and then glamorized for being there.  We have foolish, empty-headed celebrities pontificating on political matters of which they willfully know nothing — except what they hear from chattering Liberals on MSNBC and the Jon Stewart Show.  So why not a TV entertainment show opening mocking God.

Please note, all of you who are ready to pounce and scream “RACIST!!!” — I haven’t criticized this asinine, ‘Black Jesus’ show for having a black Jesus.  The clue here, which I hope you didn’t miss since seems obvious, is that the show will mock Jesus the Christ, Who many know is the Son of God, the Living Creator and Savior and whom we love and wish to show respect.  Hollywood could make a show with “Asian Jesus” or “Mexican Jesus” (which would be pronounced ‘Hay- sus’) and it would still get thumbs down.  It’s the ‘mocking’ part here, that’s relevant, folks.

I know we’ll all eagerly await their next production mocking and “laughing with” Muhammad?  In fact, that might be a good title, “Laughing With Muhammad”.  Or, do we think that might not happen?




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