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“There’s No Fool, Like An Old Fool” — How Old Is The Failed Ex-Pres Democrat Jimmy Carter?

jimmy carter old fool democrat

Democrat Jimmy Carter anti-Semite old fool

Former (Democrat) President Jimmy Carter once again is …. co-authoring an op-ed in which he calls for Washington to recognize designated terror group Hamas as a legitimate “political actor” — while blasting Israel for its military campaign in the Gaza Strip.   The scathing column on Foreign Policy.com was written by Carter and Ireland’s former president Mary Robinson.

“There is no humane or legal justification for the way the Israeli Defense Forces are conducting this war,” they wrote. “Israeli bombs, missiles, and artillery have pulverized large parts of Gaza, including thousands of homes, schools, and hospitals.” here

I know you “can’t fix stupid”, but if the Democrat Party wasn’t consumed with the “transformation” of a perfectly good and “exceptional” country like America, they might at least tell stupid to shut up.  The reason they don’t, which is becoming more apparent, is that the Democrat Party and its radical Liberal embeds, are anti-Semantic.  And their Liberal, Jewish members . . . must not care.  Liberalism is their true religion.

I suppose, we need to give ole ‘Jimma’ a bit of a break, since he is aged and probably more than a touch senile, but that’s not a complete excuse for being willfully uninformed or stupid on some things which are obvious.

Hamas is recognized by most countries and world leaders, and is declared by our own State Department, to be a “terrorist organization”.

That group of world misfits and ‘Jew haters’, has sworn to murder all Jews all over the world.  And ole Carter whats to recognize them at the Political table?  Besides being an anti-Semite, aged, senile, uninformed ole fool, Carter is an idiot.

Mr. Carter, all I can suggest, besides your being thoughtful enough to shut up, is hope you will suddenly find yourself living in an area that has missile strikes directed at your home, every day, several times a day. The strikers, we’ll refer to them as ‘terrorist’ (which might offend you) — tell you that they want you and your family dead.

These acts of ‘terror’ will go on for years.  It will be a never-ending experience until you are exterminated, because we know that you, being the brilliant, peace-loving Liberal that you are, will do nothing to defend yourself or your family — just as Hamas wants.  And apparently, just as YOU want.


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